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We have developed a new Academic Registry, Student,
Academic & Regulatory Affairs (SARA); a new Health
Professions Education Centre (HPEC); a new scheme for
staff sabbaticals and for incoming visiting professorships in
healthcare education (Educator in Residence); and over 60
honorary academic appointments and promotions.
These resources will support RCSI in delivering our strategic
goals, nurturing our students and consolidating efforts
to enhance teaching, learning and assessment within
our degree-awarding activities, while creating scope for
enhanced leadership and governance of our international
academic affairs.
In June 2013, we formally launched our strategic plan
for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences for the
period 2013 to 2017, led by the Chief Executive and senior
management team. We are greatly indebted to the hundreds
of staff and students for their active engagement, support
and invaluable input into the process. The RCSI Strategy
2013-17, Growth and Excellence, places an emphasis on
the professionalisation of teaching, learning and assessment
within our programmes and enshrines the value of medical
and health professions education research as a key
performance indicator of the College.
Professor Teresa Pawlikowska joined RCSI in June 2013
to lead the new RCSI HPEC. HPEC will interface with all
Schools of the Faculty to build on existing good practice;
to generate opportunities for staff engaged in teaching
and learning activities; and to actively encourage research
and dissemination of quality pedagogic developments.
Key themes for HPEC include: curriculum innovation,
digital pedagogy and integrated clinical consulting through
simulation and communication.
The inward visiting academic Educator in Residence
programme commenced in September 2013 with Professor
Frank Coffey, RCSI graduate (Class of 1987) as the first
post holder. Senior international academics or clinicians,
with expertise in medical or health professions education,
and interested in spending a sabbatical period in Ireland,
will be invited each year to consider the opportunities and
resources available in RCSI.
The standing of RCSI research continued to be evident
in the high impact journals in which RCSI research was
published. RCSI research was published in Nature Medicine,
Journal of Neuroscience, and The New England Journal of
Medicine and Cancer Research, to name just a few. Over
300 researchers attended Research Day in March 2013. This
annual forum provides RCSI scientists with the opportunity
to showcase their most recent research findings and
emphasises the importance of research within the College. I
would like to extend my thanks to those alumni who sponsor
prizes at this important annual event.
As part of our successful independent degree-awarding
status accreditation in 2010, the College was tasked with
establishing a central Registry function, to manage and
A developmental year for the Faculty
of Medicine and Health Sciences
Professor Hannah McGee, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences reflects
on a progressive year for the Faculty
Professor Hannah McGee, Dean, Faculty of Medicine
and Health Sciences.