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Sisters Aisling (Physiotherapy, Class of 2007) and Therese
Kinahan (First place student and class valedictorian,
Physiotherapy, Class of 2015).
Top three Class of 2015, School of Medicine graduates: David
Walsh, Rachel Mattson (valedictorian) and Liz Keeling.
MSc in Healthcare Management, Class
of 2015 graduates Colin Canavan, Dara
Owens (also Medicine, Class of 2010) and
Niall Shannon.
Mohamed Wuhaidi (Nursing, Class of 2015) receives
his degree from RCSI Bahrain President, Professor
Sameer Otoom.
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Class of 2015 graduates and
prizewinners (l-r) Gillian O'Brien (Frances Mary Crowley Award),
Professor Zena Moore, Head, School of Nursing and Midwifery,
RCSI, Annmarie Ormonde (Rose Lanigan Medal) and Mary
Winters (Florence Nightingale Committee of Ireland Award).
Zachery Lim (Medicine, Class of
2015) with his father Dr Ka Chee
Lim (Medicine, Class of 1973).
Jennifer Carron
Class of 2015).
Ali Almoamen (Medicine,
Class of 2015) delivers
his valedictorian speech
at the RCSI Bahrain
Conferring Ceremony.
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