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Mr Sheraz Daya (Class of 1984)
Mr Sheraz Daya is the
Chief Medical Editor of
Cataract and Refractive
Surgery Today Europe and
is on the executive board
of the American-European
Congress of Ophthalmic
Surgery. In 1993, Mr Daya
was recruited to become
Director and Consultant at
the Corneoplastic Unit and Eye Bank, Queen
Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead. Over the
course of 17 years Mr Daya transformed the
department and re-established it as a national
and internationally renowned unit for high-risk
corneal transplantation and established new
techniques for stem cell transplantation. In 1995,
Mr Daya was amongst the fi rst in the UK to
perform LASIK. He introduced the femtosecond
laser to the UK in 2004 and has remained actively
involved in the development of femtosecond
laser technology. He has also developed the
technique `translenticular hydrodissection' used
in femtosecond laser cataract surgery. He is
the founder and chairman of Centre for Sight
established as a private eye-care provider in
1996. With help from his Mexican wife, Marcela,
also an ophthalmologist together they have
two children, Olivia and Fernando Mr Daya has
grown the organisation, now with two surgical
centres and a consulting facility in London. In
2012, Mr Daya was revealed as the surgeon who
helped restore the sight of Katie Piper, a model
and broadcaster, who was the subject of a vicious
acid attack.
Dr Shahnaz Murad (Class of 1985)
At the beginning of her
career, Dr Shahnaz Murad
worked at the Kuala Lumpur
Hospital, which is a tertiary
referral centre and also the
largest hospital in Malaysia.
Shortly after this, she joined
the Institute for Medical
Research (IMR), Malaysia's
premier medical research
institute. There, Dr Murad
headed the Allergy and Immunology Research
Centre and was also the head of the Ministry
of Health's Pathology Services. In the year
2000, she established the Malaysian Stem Cell
Donor Registry. In 2006, she was appointed IMR
Director. She was also the Director of SEAMEO-
TROPMED Regional Centre and the Executive
Offi cer for the Inter-Islamic Network for Tropical
Medicine (INTROM). In 2014, she was appointed
the Deputy Director General of Health (Ministry
of Health Malaysia). Her portfolio includes
research and technical support. Currently she is
working with the Harvard School of Public Health
to study the performance of the Malaysian
healthcare system. She is a member of a number
of local boards and international committees,
which include the TDR/WHO and vice chair of
the JCB (Joint Coordinating Board), scientifi c
adviser for Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative
(DNDi) and Governing Board for SEAMEO
REFON in Indonesia.
Faiz Hasham
Class of 1981)
is Director
of Obstetric
Anaesthesia at
Staten Island
Hospital and
of Seaview
Group, Staten
Island, New
York, US.
In 2015,
Dr Hasham received a Recognition
Award from Healing the Children
for Anaesthesia Services at Medical
Missions Abroad. He was also voted
Clinical Preceptor of the Year by
the School of Nursing, Anaesthesia
Programme, Rutgers University, New
Both he, and his daughter, Alia Hasham
(Medicine, Class of 2006), look forward
to returning to RCSI for their 35 and
10-year reunions this August.
Dr Abdullatif Mohamad Alkhal (Class of 1989)
After graduation, Dr Abdullatif Mohamad Alkhal joined Hamad
Medical Corporation (HMC) in the State of Qatar. He completed
a one-year internship at Hamad General Hospital in 1990.
In 1991, he joined the Internal Medicine Residency Training
Programme at the University of Connecticut residency programme
in the US. After completing the Residency, he did a two-year
Fellowship training in infectious diseases at Hartford Hospital
and then worked as an attending of infectious diseases at
Hartford Hospital for six months. He was awarded the Diploma of
the American Board in Internal Medicine in 1994 and Diploma of the American Board
of Infectious Diseases in 1996. Dr Alkhal holds several clinical positions and chairs
several committees and is overseeing a number of strategic projects at Hamad
Medical Corporation, including the ACGME-I accreditation for Residency Training
Programmes, which aims at creating safer and higher quality training environments
for Residents and Fellows and eventually improving patient care. As well as being
the Deputy Chief of Medical Staff, and Director of Medical Education, Dr Alkhal
is the Head of Infectious Diseases Division, the Head of Communicable Diseases
Clinic, Manager of the National TB Programme and the Director of the Clinical
AIDS Programme. He is also the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs for the Qatar
University College of Medicine. Dr Alkhal has an advisory role to several public health
programmes under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health.
Patrick Treacy
(Medicine, Class of 1985)
has published
Behind the Mask, the story
of a boy from a small Irish village who
became an adventurer, a humanitarian
and a doctor to the stars. Central to this
memoir is Dr Treacy's personal journey:
his efforts to escape the `Troubles', his
HIV scare, his lost love and defending
Michael Jackson's legacy.
In October 2015, 48 RCSI Alumni and their spouses from Medicine, Class of 1983
descended upon the city of Boston to celebrate their 32nd anniversary since
graduation. Organised by Drs
Paul Maguire, Peter Rosch
Siobhan Gogan
, the
weekend was great fun and everyone departed looking forward to the next reunion in
Dublin in 2018. As
Skip Edstrom
said: "Only at an RCSI reunion do such a diverse and
interesting group of individuals get together."
Class of 1983:
Mark Roper,
Paul Maguire
Lilian Oh and
Steve Mulvey.
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