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After graduation,
Marie Thoresen
(Medicine, Class of 2005)
returned to her native Norway and completed her internship at
Ålesund Hospital and at Brattvåg GP Practice. She then worked
for seven years as a SHO and Registrar in the Department of
Internal Medicine, Ålesund Hospital followed by three years as
a Senior Registrar/Consultant at the Dept of Thoracic Medicine,
St Olav's Hospital in Trondheim, Norway. She has recently
qualified as a Specialist in Internal Medicine and is soon to be a
qualified Pulmonologist.
Dr Thoresen currently splits her time between her PhD in lung
cancer research and endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) and her new role as a project
manager for the implementation of OSCE exams at the medical faculty of the
Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.
Class of 2006),
who was
presented with
the inaugural
Award, at the
2015 Hospital
Awards in
2015 in Dublin.
Congratulations to
Maeve Byrne
(Medicine, Class of 2005) and
her husband David on the birth
of their first child, a son, Thomas
Patrick William Pasley who was
born on September 28, 2015. Since
graduation, Dr Byrne has been
working as a GP in her family-owned
practice in Dundalk with her father,
her brother Colman (Class of 2003)
and her sister Sheila (Class of 2001).
Tarek V Copty
(Medicine, Class
of 2003) currently works in private
practice in Amman, Jordan.
After graduation, he completed
his internship in Beaumont
Hospital followed by his General
Surgery residency at Drexel
University College of Medicine
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
his Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Fellowship in Tulsa, Oklahoma;
and another Fellowship in Plastic
and Reconstructive Surgery at the
Royal Medical Services in Amman,
In September 2013, he married his
beautiful wife, Lana Halaseh, and
in October 2015, they welcomed
their first child, a son, Sanad.
After graduation,
Victor Peña
Class of 2002, MRCSI 2008) completed the
Dublin BST programme, followed by five
years in paediatric surgery in Dublin and
However, ever since his training in general
surgery, he has developed a growing interest
in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
such as diabetes, vascular disease, obesity,
and stroke. Consequently, in 2011, he made
the decision to return to the United States
to set-up an innovative venture called ELITE
Personalized Health. His company, which
offers online health coaching, uses evidence-
based methods and mobile technology to
coach private clients to improve the quality
of their health and everyday lives ­ an
endeavour that he finds extremely rewarding
and fulfilling.
Dr Peña believes the future of medicine is
shifting from treatment to prevention, whilst
personalising the clinical solution most
appropriate to the individual.
Dr Graham McMahon (Class of 1997,
MD 2005)
Dr Graham McMahon is
the President and Chief
Executive Officer of the
Accreditation Council
for Continuing Medical
Education (ACCME®), which
oversees continuing medical
education (CME) in the US. In
that role, Dr McMahon sets
standards for and manages
the enterprise to support clinicians as they work
to engage in lifelong learning, maintain and
improve their performance and drive healthcare
improvement for patients and their communities.
In collaboration with the ACCME's colleague
accreditors in nursing and pharmacy, Dr McMahon
oversees the programme of Joint Accreditation
for Interprofessional Continuing EducationTM.
He also administers the process for designating
non-US accreditors as substantially equivalent
to the ACCME. A passionate medical educator,
researcher, and endocrinologist, Dr McMahon
joined the ACCME in April 2015 from Harvard
Medical School, where he served as Associate
Dean for Continuing Education and Associate
Professor of Medicine. He has held several
leadership roles with the
New England Journal
of Medicine, the Endocrine Society, and the
National Board of Medical Examiners. A native of
Dublin, Dr McMahon is board-certified in internal
medicine, as well as endocrinology, diabetes,
and metabolism. He earned a Master of Medical
Science in Clinical Research from Harvard Medical
School. Dr McMahon is married to Joseph Guarino
Jr, and they have two daughters.
Dr Alan Moss (Class of 1997)
Dr Alan Moss is currently an Associate Professor of
Medicine at Harvard Medical
School, and Director of
Translational Research in the
Division of Gastroenterology
at Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center. After training
at the Mater Hospital in
Dublin, he completed a
fellowship in Boston in 2007.
His clinical expertise is in
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
(IBD), and he is a frequent speaker at national
and international meetings on this topic. In
this capacity, he is a member of the American
Gastroenterology Association's IBD Committee,
and the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America's
Professional Education Committee.
He is a Fellow of the American College of
Gastroenterology, the American Gastroenterology
Association, the European Board of
Gastroenterology, and the Royal College of
Physicians of Ireland. Dr Moss is also an
investigator in IBD, with research studies funded
by the National Institutes of Health, the Helmsley
Foundation, and industry partners. In 2014, he led
the first US trial of faecal transplantation to treat
active Crohn's disease. He has published over 100
research papers since 2005, and holds two patents
for innovations in IBD diagnostics.
He lives in Dover, Massachusetts with his wife,
Aoife, and three sons.
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