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Ali Abdulnabi
Mohamed Ali
(Medicine, Class of
2013 RCSI Bahrain)
has been accepted into
Core Medical Training
in the East Midlands,
UK. In 2015, he received
a grant for young
scientists from the
International Diabetes
Federation (IDF) to
attend the World
Diabetes Congress
in Canada where he
presented a study on
measuring glycaemic
control in thalaessemic
pregnant women.
Anders Huitfeldt
(Medicine, Class of 2008
), pictured here with
RCSI Classmates, Andrew Watt and Claire Danby, defended
his doctoral thesis in Epidemiologic Methodology at Harvard
University in August 2015. He has accepted a po
fellowship at Stanford University, where he will continue doing
research on how to do research.
Congratulations to
Kevin Thornton
(Physiotherapy, Class of 2009) who,
in 2015, was crowned Irish National Middle Distance Triathlon Champion
and came third in the inaugural Ironman 70.3 race held in Dublin despite
getting a puncture during the 90km cycle!
Bushra Al Mulla
(MSc Healthcare
Management 2008) is currently
working as Director of Education
and Social Affairs in the Prime
Minister's Office, UAE. In June
2015, she established her own
clinic called Osraty for Physio and
Rehab in Dubai. She says Osraty's
focus is not just limited to helping
patients heal, but also assisting
families coping with changes in
their loved one and adapting the
home environment.
Howsen Kwan
(Medicine, Class of 2005) had a wonderful 2015.
In March, he and his wife, Jessica, welcomed their first child,
Amelia. Read about his career on page 23.
Dr Vikrum (Sunny)
Malhotra (Class of
Dr Vikrum (Sunny) Malhotra
was accepted to medical
school from Ontario, Canada.
Dr Malhotra has volunteered
and fundraised for orphans
in Bangladesh during the
tsunami, the RCSI Red Cross
society, the Social Work
Society, the International
Federation of Medical
Students Association and
Avsar (Alliance of Volunteers
for Service, Action and
Reform) India, an American
non-profit organisation
in the slums of Mumbai,
where he provided medical
services to rural community
women and slave labour
children to improve their
access to healthcare. After
completing his training at
Boston University, New York
Methodist Cornell Heart
Institute, he later graduated as
the youngest Sikh Cardiologist
in New York City in 2014. He
received the Notable Young
Professional Award Best
in Healthcare 2014, for his
continued pursuits to improve
Canadian healthcare and
recently received the Governor
General's Caring Canadian
Award for his volunteer work
across five different healthcare
systems. He has been a
volunteer physician adviser to
health technology companies
including: CloudDX, PopRX,
Medivo and 1 Docway (now
Genoa), which provides child
and adult mental health
services to over 14,000
underserved patients in over
seven states in the US.
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