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College life in the '90s was an exciting
adventure for Dr Hamdan: "It was the
rst time I was away from my parents
and family for more than a few weeks,
so, of course, the independence was
exhilarating. What I liked about RCSI
is that it was a multicultural, very
cosmopolitan College. ere were
students from all over the world Asian,
Indian, American it was truly diverse.
"Although I was away from home, I felt
embraced by a community at RCSI.
It was a really close-knit College. e
sense of togetherness in the College is
quite unique and enhanced by the fact
that we were all committed to medicine,
trainers and students alike. Having that
in common, meant, that, even with the
variety of backgrounds we all had, we
also had a common bond. You felt very
much part of something, that you were
welcomed. It was so easy to get to know
people. And there was always someone
available to help with a problem. When
you're away from home, essentially for the
rst time, that's very important."
Dr Hamdan's medical school years
encompassed hard work, plenty of fun
and one particular challenge: "In the
early days, my biggest problem was just
getting around. I didn't have a car so I had
to rely on friends for li s. Eventually, I
got a car, an old, white Toyota Corolla. It
was covered in black spots, so everybody
called it the `dalmation'. It may have been
old and spotty, but it certainly made my
student life much easier!"
Looking back, Dr Hamdan wishes that
social media was a more established
part of student life during her training
years: "When I was in College, there
was no Instagram or Facebook. If I had
graduated a few years later, I think it
would have been much easier to keep in
touch a er College. It's always wonderful
to meet other Alumni and particularly
anyone from the Class of 1998. It doesn't
happen o en enough."
Internationally successful businesswoman, patron of the arts and mother of four, Dr Lamees
Hamdan (Class of 1998) has warm memories of her medical training in RCSI, the friends she made
and a certain old `dalmation'...
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