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When did you fi rst become
interested in studying pharmacy
and what attracted you to the
From the age of 14, I worked part
time in my local pharmacy. I spent
the majority of time in the dispensary
alongside the pharmacist or on the
OTC counter and I enjoyed learning
about the pharmacist's role and the day
to day running of a pharmacy. is
immediately sparked a huge interest
in pharmacy for me. Over the next
few years, while I was at secondary
school, this interest continued to grow.
Science was my favourite subject at
school and pharmacy seemed like the
perfect career to combine my love for
both science and helping others in a
healthcare environment. For school
work experience, I spent a couple of
weeks within a hospital pharmacy
department, which was another great
learning experience. By then, I was sure
that I wanted to be a pharmacist!
How did you hear about the
Kiran Pathak Scholarship at
e careers teacher at my secondary
school knew of my interest in studying
pharmacy, so when he received
information about the Kiran Pathak
Scholarship he encouraged me to
How did receiving the
Scholarship make a difference to
your time in College and career
Without the Scholarship, I may not
have had the opportunity to go to
Dublin and study pharmacy at RCSI.
e Scholarship allowed me to ful l
my dreams of a career as a pharmacist
and it is something that I will always
be grateful for. is then spurred great
determination and motivation to
always perform to the best of my ability
and work hard throughout College as I
was so grateful for the opportunity.
Describe your experience of
studying pharmacy at RCSI.
I thoroughly enjoyed studying
pharmacy at RCSI. As it is a small
College environment in comparison to
others, there was almost a homely feel
about it. e lecturers were great and
always willing to help. ey showed
keen interest in my development and
always o ered any support that they
could. e sta were also extremely
supportive and it was great to have
someone to talk to, especially Maria
Kelly in RCSI's Community Access
and Outreach Programme (REACH),
who was a great point of contact.
What are your future career
plans in pharmacy?
At the minute, I am working as
a locum pharmacist back home in
Donegal and I love it! I love the
dynamic environment and interacting
with patients on a daily basis,
providing advice and guidance. No
two days are ever the same!
Community pharmacy is de nitely
where I see myself working. is is
what spurred my interest in studying
pharmacy and I still enjoy it. At
present, I plan to continue locuming
and hopefully something permanent
will come up in the future maybe
someday I will manage my own shop!
e Kiran Pathak Scholarship is
funded by Alumni and friends.
Without their generosity, students like
Lauren would not be able to study in
Give a Student Scholarship gi , and
make another young person's career
dreams come true. To give to the
Annual Appeal call Niamh Ferris on
+353 1 402 2575.
Lauren McDonald (Pharmacy Class of 2014 and MPharm
2015) outlines the opportunities presented to her because of
the Kiran Pathak Scholarship
Lauren and her parents at her
RCSI MPharm graduation.
"Without the
Scholarship, I may
not have had the
opportunity to go
to Dublin and study
pharmacy at RCSI."
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