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soldiers from the Curragh military
college and the US marines from the
American Embassy, in the formation
of a basketball league. I approached
Professor AK Henry, who was the
Professor of Anatomy at that time, about
taking on the RCSI coaching role, which
he was enthusiastic about, even though
he knew nothing about basketball!
I then asked the US Ambassador to
dedicate a cup to the league, which is
still in existence in the College today!"
A er graduating in 1953, Dr Mutchnik
went to the US to do a general practice
residency at the Cincinnati General
Hospital. He returned to Winnipeg
where his parents still lived and
established his own general practice.
In 1955, he married his wife Beverly
and together they had four children
Elaine, Susan, Irene and Allan. A er
19 years of active practice, including
obstetrics and surgery, Dr Mutchnik
decided to leave Canada. And, in 1973,
he and his wife, four children and two
dogs moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. He
became less involved in active practice
and more involved in medical property
development. Between 1976 and 1984,
Dr Mutchnik pioneered the rst free-
standing outpatient surgery to receive a
Certi cate of Need ve miles from the
nearest hospital.
"I would meet with various hospital
administrators of existing hospitals
and if they planned to develop a new
hospital in the future, I would acquire
the land adjacent to the site and build a
medical centre."
He also developed
the SunWest
Medical Center,
a 95,000 sq ,
medical building
on the campus
of underbird
Hospital, where
he also practiced
general medicine
before retiring in
Having been connected to RCSI for
66 years, Dr Mutchnik says he is
always proud to be an RCSI Alumnus.
He became a member of the Court
of Patrons in 1987, a select group of
graduates that met yearly to discuss
College business. He also became a
regular contributor of funds through the
Friends of the Royal College of Surgeons
in Ireland, Inc. (formerly known as
the Colles-Graves Foundation) in the
US. Most recently, he and his family
provided a second generous gi towards
the new medical education building on
York Street.
He says: "It is now payback time. As I
look back on my medical career, I thank
RCSI for giving me the opportunity to
practice my chosen profession, and I
am grateful to be able to continue to
support the College to grow and ourish
in the new Millennium."
With his wife, Beverly outside RCSI.
RCSI Basketball Club. All-Ireland University Basketball Champions 1952-1953.
Pictured (l-r) back row: Professor AK Henry (Pres.); W McDaniel; H Holmes; H Alfandary;
H O'Connor; and G Szeps. Front row: E Williams; R Falkiewicz; A Mutchnik (Captain); D
Elefthery; and A Smithen.
Alfred Mutchnik and his wife, Beverly, celebrate their
60th wedding anniversary with all their family.
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