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Before Dr Alfred Mutchnik enrolled
as a student at RCSI, he had spent two
years serving in the Royal Canadian
Airforce during World War II between
1943 and 1945 patrolling the Eastern
Seaboard, seeking out German
submarines. In 1946, he was accepted
into the University of Manitoba Medical
School in Winnipeg, having already
nished his pre-med studies. "It was at
this time that I decided I wanted to go
overseas, so I arrived in Dublin in 1948
and enquired about entry into RCSI. I
met with the Registrar at that time who
was Professor Norman Rae, who, a er
examining my medical records, told me
that the entrance exams were coming
up in six weeks and if I passed them I
could begin my rst year in medicine
at RCSI." Although Ireland was going
through its own economic crisis and
post-World War II hardships at that
time, Dr Mutchnik was able to adjust to
the di culties facing a foreign student
from Canada. He found `digs' on South
Circular Road and began his memorable
RCSI journey.
" e high standard of teaching was
second to none. During my clinical
years, going from one hospital to
another and bene ting from the bedside
teachings of the various specialists,
was invaluable and, a er graduating
in 1953, helped me throughout my
whole medical career." Dr Mutchnik
says all the various students of di erent
nationalities and cultures in his class
and in the College, made his student life
enjoyable and rewarding.
One legacy, which Dr Mutchnik le
behind at RCSI, was organising the
intervarsity basketball league. Having
excelled in track, eld and soccer in
Canada he held the record for the
half mile in intercollegiate competition
for the province of Manitoba it is no
surprise Dr Mutchnik wanted to get
involved in sports during his time at
"I am really proud of organising
the basketball team at RCSI and
incorporating the di erent universities,
including Queen's University Belfast
and University College Cork, the
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Signing the Visitors' Book with RCSI President, Mr Declan J Magee.
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