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Even in my short time at RCSI I have quickly become
aware that RCSI Alumni constitute a very signi cant and
unique community. You are a community that is diverse in
nationality, culture, and belief, that is wide-ranging in your
talent, in uence and reach. Above all, you are a community
of dynamic individuals who, even with the multiplicity of
locations and the variety of professions and specialities you
represent, remain united by a common passion, which is the
improvement of human health, and a shared experience _ your
time in RCSI.
e focus of the newly established Alumni Relations team is to
help create the ties that bind our unique community of Alumni
to each other and to RCSI. Given the rapidly evolving global
healthcare provision, the involvement of Alumni in the life of
the College, to help shape the future of healthcare has never
been more urgent and important. I am delighted therefore, to
welcome Sonja Lee to the team as the newly appointed Alumni
Relations Manager to lead
the charge.
In this edition of
RCSI Matters, we celebrate the
accomplishments of Alumni and the passion that drives you in
your quest for new medical solutions, the treatment of patients
on the frontline of the battle against communicable diseases,
and the development of new technologies for healthcare and
In the pages that follow, you will nd news of these diverse
achievements and the personal stories of Alumni who have
extended the application of their training beyond healthcare
and into publishing, art and business. In all instances, RCSI
Alumni have made contributions that are set to endure.
I believe the profound and life-shaping impact of the RCSI
experience manifests itself in the photographs and notes that
you have allowed us to share with classmates and faculty, and
they attest to the continuing in uence of RCSI and the lifelong
friendships forged during your time with us.
Sonja and I encourage you to join the Alumni featured within
these pages by unlocking your own lasting impressions of your
College days in the Alumni Survey ( We
look forward to hearing from you, sharing in your memories,
and discovering where your career and life has taken you since
And please keep in touch ­ call, email, connect with us on
LinkedIn, like us on Facebook, or simply drop in. Our new
o ces are located on the `Green' at 111 St Stephen's Green.
ere is always a `welcome' on the mat.
Aíne Gibbons
Director, Development & Alumni Relations
"RCSI is committed to the global engagement of Alumni, celebrating
your achievements and involving you in shaping the future of the
College for the benefi t of human health," Aíne Gibbons pictured with
Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive, RCSI (Medicine, Class of 1985,
FRCSI 1990).
Sonja Lee,
Alumni Relations
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