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Recent RCSI graduate Dr Adanna Ohakim (Class of 2015), discusses how being a `doctor,
a wife, a mum and a YouTuber', has infl uenced her popular social media presence
Describe your
experience as a medical
student at RCSI.
I had just completed a
degree in Biomedicine from a
university in England in 2010,
shortly before I started Medicine
in RCSI, the same year. I wasn't
aware of how high the standard of
exams were and when my results
came out in the rst semester of
my rst year at RCSI, I realised I
had failed an exam. is served as
an `eye-opener' for me. Due to a
great support system at the College
I had the opportunity to meet
with di erent professors including
Professor Clive Lee, who advised me
and pointed me in the right direction.
I had to nd a good balance between
my academic, personal and social life.
In addition I met great friends from
di erent countries who shared similar
ambitions and we were able to motivate
each other. Overall, RCSI has been
the most intense but also the most
rewarding time of my life.
Where are you from and where
did you and your husband meet?
I come from a family of ve
children and grew up in Nigeria. At
home, education was considered very
important and my parents were very
supportive of the career choices each of
us made.
My husband, David Steinacker, is
German. We met at university in
England in 2007. He honestly is the
greatest support I have in my life and I
don't think I would've achieved so much
without him.
How has your life changed
during the fi ve years that you
attended RCSI?
Maturity is de nitely one of the
things that RCSI has taught me
because it takes maturity to accept
responsibilities. I had to be responsible
for my educational success. My parents
were playing their part in sponsoring
my education, the lecturers were playing
their part in educating me but I also had
to play my part as a student taking
responsibilities and prioritising were
skills that made me succeed at RCSI.
With your Vlog
you are one of Ireland's most
popular Vloggers; when and
why did you decide to begin a
secondary `career' in Vlogging?
e opportunity to set up and start
my YouTube channel came earlier than
I had planned. But, my success on
YouTube is what I would describe as
`when opportunity meets preparation'.
e year a er I started in RCSI, we
had the largest number of Nigerian
students admitted into RCSI at once.
I became friends with them and
started mentoring a couple of them.
I would give advice on what to study,
how to plan a study schedule and
what conferences to attend in order to
improve their CV. ey appreciated it
and I loved doing it.
In 4th year I had the idea to start a
`Medical School Series' on YouTube,
where I could give advice and share
my experiences with prospective
and current medical students. In the
beginning, it was di cult to get started
but, eventually, I started the channel
and released the rst few videos where
I talked about: `My "future" career in
Medicine', ` ings to consider before
Medical School' and `How to survive
the rst year of Medical School'. Since
then the channel has grown and
diversi ed. I share some aspects of my
personal life as well as talk about a few
controversial topics.
Why do you think your videos
are so popular?
One important attitude to have in
order to achieve success in anything we
do is consistency: the exponential growth
of my channel is due to the consistency
of uploading videos. I upload a video
at least once a week. Judging from the
statistics of my viewers which are mostly
women between the ages of 18-30, and
also the emails I get on a daily basis, I
would say people are interested in my
ability to combine being a `doctor, a wife,
a mum and a YouTuber'. With this in
mind, I o en share motivational talks
and inspirational messages with my
viewers. My motto is `you can have it all
if you prioritise and work hard'.
Some of the younger viewers are
particularly interested in how to get
into/survive medical school and a lot
are also interested in my relationship
with my husband and want to receive
relationship advice.
It is also important to note that I focus
on work when I am at work. In the
hospital, my focus is in the hospital
and on the patients. I don't look at
Adanna and her husband David on her graduation day in June 2015.
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