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Lalit Kamdar (Medicine, Class of 1965) and Maria Potts.
Gareth Jones (Medicine, Class of 1968), Sheila Jones, Yacoob Kadwa,
A David Barnes and Bhushan Sennik (All Medicine, Class of 1965).
Former Medical Director, Irish Family
Planning Association, Immediate
Past President the Association of
Graduates, RCSI (2012-2014) and a
driving force for women's rights, Dr
Sheila Jones, has had an admirable and
colourful, medical career. During her
time at RCSI, Dr Jones met her future
husband, Gareth Jones, there (he is now
a geologist) and also became a young
mother of twin boys in 1961. " e lecturers were very helpful
and understanding towards me. I mean I was 20 at the time,
in the middle of my studies and a mother of two small boys,
which was completely out of the ordinary. A er graduating,
Dr Jones went on to work in the Kidney Unit in Jervis Street
Hospital when dialysis and transplantation were becoming
more commonplace in Ireland, and then continued in this
line of work in Belfast, her birthplace, before making the
move into general practice. " ere are three key highlights of
my career, which I'm really proud of working continuously
for 45 years, becoming Medical Director of the Irish Family
Planning Association and, of course, becoming President
of the Graduates Association, RCSI. In 1984 I attended the
200th anniversary of RCSI. is was a brilliant way for me to
reconnect with the College. I have always loved RCSI. From
my rst day walking through the College's front door, right up
until today, the College holds a special place in my heart."
Retired GP, Dr Abdul
Bulbulia, originally from
South Africa, came to
Dublin in 1959, and during
his years at RCSI, developed
a passion for art as well
as medicine. He initiated
innovative developments
that have brought together
both disciplines, including the Waterford
Healing Arts Trust, founded in the 1990s, with
the aim of bringing arts experiences to the
patient's bedside: "My years at RCSI were a
wonderful time of discovery and learning for
me in medicine, of course, but in the world of
art as well. Dublin was more like a village then
and I was lucky that I had the opportunity to
meet many major artists such as Sean Keating,
Patrick Scott, Donald Teskey, Louis le Brocquy,
and literary gures John Behan, Patrick
Kavanagh, Seamus Heaney and Brian Friel to
mention a few. I also had the privilege to serve
as Governor and Guardian of the National
Gallery of Ireland for a period of 10 years. All
this has instilled in me, a passion for art that has
stayed with me throughout my life."
Abdul Bulbulia (Medicine, Class of 1965), Katherine
Bulbulia, Corriena Brien, Student Services, RCSI
and Philip Curtis, Admissions, RCSI.
Bhushan Sennik (Medicine, Class of
1965) and Madonna Benoit.
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