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Celebrating a major 50-year milestone at the Alumni Gathering 2015,
RCSI Matters
shines a spotlight on four Golden Jubilarians, who returned for the reunion
Obstetrician and
gynaecologist, Dr
A David Barnes
has just published
his memoir,
Insanity of Wars,
the tale of his life's
adventures ­ a
book for parents,
grandparents, students, soldiers and
explorers. With a career that includes
periods practising in locations such
as Hawaii, Florida and Beverly Hills,
he has quite a story to tell: "I had the
opportunity to attend RCSI as a result
of a British military scholarship. I found
that military life provided opportunities
to travel and exposure to medical
innovation. I had the travel bug from
an early age and my time at RCSI, with
its rich diversity of students, nurtured
my innate curiosity about the world and
whetted my appetite to see more of it."
According to Dr Godfrey Geh, inaugural
President of the RCSI Alumni Association
of Malaysia, Consultant General Surgeon
and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon,
there were only two cities in the world
traditionally well-known for medical
education ­ Dublin and Edinburgh ­ in
the 1950s in Malaysia. So, in 1959, Dr
Geh applied to RCSI and his journey from
Malaysia to Ireland began. "Although
everyone was so friendly, it was a culture shock and cold!
Eighty- ve per cent of students were from other countries, so it
was a very diverse mix. My lecturers at RCSI were so inspiring
­ Professor Rooney, Professor Conroy and Mr Harold Browne
to name a few ­ and Professor Moira O'Brien, who was my
tutor in anatomy at the time, and I are still good friends to
this day." Dr Geh was also Captain of the College's Badminton
team and recipient of the acclaimed RCSI Gold Medal. He was
instrumental in establishing two private hospitals in Penang
and also founded the Penang Medical College in 1996 on the
`reversed twinning concept' whereby medical students spend
two and a half years of preclinical training in Dublin and return
to Penang to continue their clinical training at Penang hospitals.
Class of 1965 Front row l-r: Lalit Kamdar, Francis Neo, Sheila Jones, Bhushan Sennik, Cyril McNulty, Godfrey Geh, Dermot
O'Sullivan, Brian Brereton, Paul Crean, A David Barnes, Yacoob Kadwa and Abdul Bulbulia. Back row l-r: Mary Davin-Power,
President, Association of Graduates; Hannah McGee, Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences; Aíne Gibbons, Director
of Development & Alumni Relations; Aidan Bradford; John Hyland, Vice-President; and Kevin McGuigan.
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