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Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive, RCSI
(Medicine, Class of 1985, FRCSI 1990) welcomed
Alumni to the meeting and highlighted the successes
of RCSI over the past years and the integration
of professionalism training into the educational
syllabus within the College.
Alumni speakers at the event included Keynote
Speaker, Professor Jim Lucey (Class of 1983),
who spoke on `Practical Wellness for Doctors';
Dr Mike Gaya (Class of 1970, FRCSI 1974), who
explained his unusual case of basal cell carcinoma;
Dr Anita Bourke (Class of 1980), a Radiologist and
Nuclear Physician, based in Australia; Dr Harry
Reich (Class of 1970), who performed the world's
rst laparoscopic hysterectomy; and Dr Cathy
Allen (Class of 1995), a Consultant Obstetrician
Gynaecologist for Reproductive Medicine & Surgery,
in Dublin.
As a current student of RCSI, it was a pleasure to
have been given the opportunity to attend this event
and meet the Alumni in attendance. I found the
meeting immensely interesting and it was incredible
to see the diverse elds that RCSI Alumni across the
world have entered into.
Laura Hughes (4th Year, Graduate Entry Medicine), reviews the Alumni Scientifi c
Meeting, which took place on day one of the Alumni Gathering 2015
Medicine, Class of 1970: Clifford Osborne, Brian Mulhern, Chandrakan Harilall,
Mike Gaya (Medicine, Class of 1970, FRCSI 1974) and Donal O'Sullivan.
Mahomed Suliman (Medicine, Class of 1975) and
Firoza Cachalia.
Medicine, Class of 1995: Sean Nadaraja, Michael Alexander, Anil Jina,
Jonathan Dick.
Medicine, Class of 2005: Ole-Petter Hamnvik, Ulrikke Straume Wiig and Seamus Duffy.
Mike Gaya (Medicine,
Class of 1970, FRCSI 1974).
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