Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Core facilities

  • The Molecular and Cellular Imaging Core funded by the NBIPI is overseen and operated by Dr Heiko Duessmann, Director of Molecular Imaging. Current imaging capacities include two confocal live cell imaging systems (Zeiss LSM 510 META and Olympus Fluoview) as well as three real-time epifluorescence microscopy systems for GFP and FRET imaging, one equipped with an automated microinjection system. Data analysis is facilitated by the provision of four image processing workstations.
  • The Small Animal Imaging Core, also funded through the HEA NBIPI, consists of a Carl Zeiss Ltd. (EU) 2-photon epifluorescence microscope with a Coherent UK Ltd. Chameleon-Vision-II laser. The facility also includes a Digital Leica DM4000 upright microscope which supports standard fluorescent imaging. The core is run by Dr. Susanne Schwarzmaier. 
  • The Neurosurgical Core is under the supervision of Prof David Henshall and Dr Gang Chen
  • Facilities for evaluation of Behavioural and Motor functions
  • The High Content and High Throughput Analysis Core is funded through an SFI Equipment Grant and consists of a High Content Analysis system (Cellomics arrayscan vti) suitable for live cell imaging assays and infrastructure for high content image processing, database and data analysis.
  • Animal Tissue Biobank funded through an EI grant run by Dr Aine Behan
  • A Gene Delivery Core (under the direction of Dr Caroline Bonner) that focuses on lentiviral- and AAV-based vector systems