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MSc Nursing (Year 2)

NFQ Level 9, 30 ECTS Credits

I completed MSc Nursing at the RCSI over the last 2 years, blended learning combined with excellent mentorship provided a platform for a positive learning experience. The course was thoroughly enjoyable and supported my development as a clinician in an increasingly demanding, ever-changing health-system that enables directly influencing patient care in a professional positive manner. 
Gillian O'Brien, class of 2015.

Programme overview:
The RCSI School of Nursing & Midwifery offers a first class educational experience. Joining year 2 of our Master of Nursing/Midwifery programme you will work on a cutting edge research knowledge base built on exposure to modern day best practice in Research and Evidence Based Practice.

You will also receive a high level of positive based support in completing your Masters assessments in a rigorous manner, meaning that you will achieve a high standard Masters level degree.

This degree will fully equip you to further advance your Nursing or Midwifery career and most importantly arm you with the research skills necessary to play your role in ensuring Nursing & Midwifery continues to be based on the best evidence. 

The Programme:
Our MSc programme requires students to develop a systematic review based on a topic of their choosing. The programme consists of in class lecture time and face to face contact time with an experienced supervisor who will facilitiate your learning. Throughout the year you will be assessed on 4 peices of work:

1. A oral assessment: in this assessment you will present your topic to two members of the academic team, this assessment is very short but focuses you on the task at hand.

2. An ethics submission: in this submission you will write an assignment based on the ethics classes which you will study.

3. A Methodology assignment: In this assignment you will cover the methological approaches to your study. 

4. A systematic review: you will write a systematic review with the guidance of your supervisor. Many of our students later have their work published in journals. 

Learning outcomes/aims:
On successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Critically discuss the ethical principles governing research practice/structured iterative reviews 
  • Critically discuss the theoretical underpinnings related to the variety of research approaches/structured iterative reviews
  • Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of techniques and approaches in data collection, analysis and interpretation, in research and structured iterative reviews 
  • Prepare a protocol for the conduct of a research project or a structured iterative review 
  • Conduct a well-designed research project/ structured iterative reviews 
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce a paper, based on a critical analysis of their completed research project or iterative review, that is ready for submission to an academic journal. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop an abstract based on a critical analysis their completed research project/iterative review that is ready for submission as a conference presentation. 
Programme structure:

This programme has a September intake, taking place over 1 academic year, students will attend college on a part time basis and work alongside a dedicated supervisor to complete their research. 

Entry requirements:
Applicants must hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing to enter the 2nd year of the MSc Nursing - please contact the Programme Coordinator below to discuss your eligibility.  

Module name  ECTS credits  Assessment method 
Generating Evidence for Practice 30
  • Oral presentation of project proposal 
  • Ethics Assignment
  • Methodological Assignment 
  • Preparation of manuscript for publication (Systematic Review)

What next?
On successful completion a student may opt to complete the Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership, Post Graduiate Certificate (Advanced Practice) or PhD Nursing. Recommended: PhD Nursing

Entry requirements?
Students who wish to join this programme must be active on the NMBI register and have a completed a level 9 post graduate diploma in the last 5 years - if you do no meet these criteria, please contact us for further guidance

More information:
If you would like further information on this programme please contact:

Programme Coordinator: Mr James Hayes (

Programme Director: Dr Declan Patton (

How to apply?

Applications can be submitted online below until June 28th. During your application you will be asked to upload your transcripts and submit a non-refundable deposit of 50 euro to complete your applciation. 

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Course fees Current fee information can be found here: Nursing Student Fee Information
Application forms Applications are accepted via the link above. A €50 application fee is required when applying. You will also be required to upload transcripts of prior education during the application process.