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Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing/MSc in Wound Management & Tissue Viability

(Level 9 NFQ 60 ECTS Credits) - Course Code: C1076

"Thanks to the friendly and supportive environment at the Royal College of Surgeons I found the challenging experience of completing a Postgraduate Diploma extremely rewarding and enjoyable. I was honoured to attend a college with a legacy of such excellence in education which is upheld today by the inspiring and accomplished teaching staff. The blended learning style not only provides flexibility to balance work-life-study commitments but also develops skills to support life-long independent learning. The RCSI provides a nurturing student-centred approach where excellence in health care delivery and promoting positive patient outcomes are the focus. Over the duration of this course, I feel I have developed as an academic, a professional and an individual. I would recommend the RCSI to anyone wishing to further their education in healthcare and enhance their skills as a practitioner." 

Gillian Power | Class of 2015

Wound Management & Tissue Viability

Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing (Wound Management & Tissue Viability):
In this stream, students undertake three modules over one semester. The semester for the certificate programme runs from January to May each year. This stream is ideal for nurses who want to want to further their learning in the field of Wound Management & Tissue Viability. Students who undertake this Certificate can progress to the Postgraduate Diploma at any point within two years of completion.

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Wound Management & Tissue Viability):Postgraduate Nursing Progression
The postgraduate diploma is a one year part time programmes that takes place over two semesters covering six modules. Modules are varied in nature covering research strategies, to leadership and management along with specialist modules which cover the management and assessment of wounds. Students who undertake this stream are required to complete a 250 hour competency log which can be undertaken during their working day. Students who complete this programme can progress to the 2nd year of our MSc Nursing Programme.

MSc Nursing (Wound Management & Tissue Viability):

Our MSc Nursing (Wound Management & Tissue Viability) programme is a two year part time programme. Students complete the Postgraduate Diploma in year one and progress their learning in year two undertaking advanced research with the help of a dedicated academic supervisor.

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Wound Management & Tissue Viability)

Programme overview:
This unique programme offers individuals the opportunity to explore and analyse existing theories and concepts that are fundamental in wound management and tissue viability. The course provides practitioners with guidance on the management of acute and chronic wounds in all health care settings and is based on good practice, current evidence and supporting guidance. This course offers students the opportunity to study part time taking just one module if they wish or completing six modules and a clinical placement to achieve a postgraduate diploma in Wound Management & Tissue Viability.

Learning outcomes/aims:
On successful completion of this programme the student will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the application of clinical judgement to professional practice by utilising evidence-based practice within wound management and tissue viability;
  • Critically compare and contrast management and leadership approaches to the effective management and leadership in the provision of within wound management and tissue viability services;
  • Critically evaluate evidence based methods of assessment and management of wounds of varying aetiologies with reference to person centered care
  • Critically discuss key considerations in the development of services for individuals with wounds of varying aetiologies within the context of a team approach to care
  • Demonstrate competency in the delivery and evaluation of patient care within the field of wound management and tissue viability

Programme structure:
The postgraduate diploma in Wound Management and Tissue Viability is an exciting and highly clinically relevant programme delivered by some of the best Wound Management professionals in Ireland. Students are required to attend the college three days per module. All other lectures are online days where students can access lectures from home. A clinical component of 250 hours is required to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Wound Management and Tissue Viability. Between the annual study blocks, students are supported by online personal and group tutorials in chat room sessions, and personal tutorials by email or telephone. In addition, there is dedicated Distance Learning Library Support staff to ensure students are able to access necessary databases and full-text journals. The online information and resources are constantly updated for students to access through a Virtual Learning Environment.

Module name  ECTS credits  Assessment method 
Advanced Research Methods  10 Assignment
Advanced Leadership, Professional & Clinical  10 Assignment
Clinical Practicum - Advanced Refection and Competence  10  Assignment and clinical portfolio
Advanced Concepts in Wound Healing & Tissue Repair   10 Assignment and oral 
Critical Issues in the Assessment and Management of Individuals with Leg Ulceration and Lymphoedema   10 Examination and oral presentation 
Critical Issues in the Assessment and Management of Individuals with Pressure Ulcers and Diabetic Foot Ulcers  10 Assignment

Who is this programme for:
This course is aimed at healthcare professionals from the field of nursing, medicine, pharmacy, podiatry and the pharmaceutical industry, and offers the opportunity to study alongside an international group of professionals.

What next:
Upon completion of this course students will have developed skills of self-directed learning and critical reflection. Many nurses and midwives having undertaken this programme continue their postgraduate education to master's level, preparing them for specialist or advanced practice roles. On successful completion a student may progress to the 2nd year of the MSc Nursing, gaining an MSc Nursing in Wound Management & Tissue Viability. Recommended: MSc Nursing Year 2.

Entry requirements:
  • Students who wish to join this programme must be active on the NMBI register 
  • Students must have a level 8 qualification. Applicants who do not hold a level 8 qualification may still be eligable to join them programme through our pathway programme, please contact us for further information on this route. 
  • Students are required to log clinical practice hours relating to wounds specific duties throughout this programme. If you are unsure you can acheive these hours please contact the programme director. 

More information:
If you would like further information on this programme please contact:

Programme Director: Ms Comfort Chima (

Programme Coordinator: Ms Yeukai Chikwamba ( 

How to apply?
Applications for this programme open next February however our Postgraduate Certificate programme commences January 2019, more information is available here: Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Wound Management & Tissue Viability)

Applicaitons open Feb 2019


Course fees Current fee information can be found here: Nursing Student Fee Information
Application forms Applications are accepted via the link above. A €50 application fee is required when applying. You will also be required to upload transcripts of prior education during the application process.