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PhD: Prof. Fergal O'Brien - Dressing4scars

Dressing4scars aims to develop a '4D printing' approach to develop smart responsive skin dressings capable of changing properties while wound healing/skin repair is taking place.

Project title

Dressing4scars - New 4D printed dressings to treat skin wounds

Project description

The project will be coordinated by 3B’s Research Group in the University of Minho in collaboration with the Tissue Engineering Research Group at RCSI and industry partner, Izertis, headquartered in Spain.

The PhD student, who will be based in the RCSI group, will focus on the development and subsequent in vitro testing of customised, 3D printed biomaterials to facilitate enhanced wound repair. The student will work closely with other members of a large multidisciplinary project team including PIs, clinicians, postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers in the TERG at the RCSI in partnership with the AMBER (Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research) Centre.

Ideal applicants will have a 1st Class Honours Bachelor’s degree and/or MSc degree (with minimum 2.1 honours from primary degree) in biomedical engineering, materials science, regenerative medicine, relevant life sciences or related disciplines.

Excellent written and oral communication skills desired. Specific skills which would enhance a candidate’s application might include experience in some of the following areas: biomaterial development, application of scaffolds in tissue engineering, biomechanics, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, cell culture and molecular biology experience.

  • Research theme: Bioengineering
  • Keyword: Wound healing, skin repair, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, biomechanics

Application process

This position is funded by the Science Foundation Ireland, M-ERA.NET 2016 programme. CVs with the names and addresses of three referees should be submitted to: Prof. Fergal O'Brien, Dept. of Anatomy, RCSI. Email:

Mentors Prof. Fergal O'Brien