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PhD: Dr Marco Monopoli - Biomarker Assay for Precision Medicine

Candidates are currently being sought for an IRC grant application submission for a PhD by research in Biomarker Assay Development.

Project description

Glycosylation is a common post translation modification where carbohydrate biomolecules are covalently bound to the backbone of proteins. The overall variety of glycan structures is extremely vast and it results in a significant increase in the characteristics of the proteome repertoire. Glycans undergo rapid structural changes as result of specific stimuli or change in the intracellular environment. Specific targeted glycoproteins can carry altered glycan molecules whose structure and composition are correlated with particular pathology stages. For this reason identification of glycans associated with glycoproteins in blood and in other biological fluids are sensitive and reliable methods for the detection of early and progressive stage of chronic diseases, such as cancer and inflammation.

Despite these potentials, the discovery biomarker platform requires isolation of selected proteins carrying the desirable glycans, after which tedious and long purification steps are required to purify targeted biomolecules from the matrix of origin. This current technique is not applicable for rapid and cost effective commercial products.

Dr Monopoli is a newly established Investigator in the RCSI Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry Department and he is seeking to support a motivated student to carry out an innovative research project in order to develop an innovative and effective platform for biomarker discovery. The PhD student will have the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary environment and will be trained in proteomics, glycoprofiling and physical chemistry.

  • Research theme: Cancer, cardiovascular disorders, bioengineering, pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and chemistry
  • Keyword: Discovery biomarker, glycosylation, proteomics

Application process

Candidates interesting in applying for this great opportunity are encouraged to contact Dr Marco Monopoli as soon as possible as the deadline of the full application is Friday, 26 May 2017.

Please apply with an up-to-date CV, by emailing:

For informal enquiries, please phone Dr Monopoli on +353 1 402 2760.


  • Application deadline: Friday, 26 May 2017.
  • Department: Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Tenure: Three year PhD
  • Reporting to: Dr Marco Monopoli
  • Start date: TBC