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School of Pharmacy accreditation

The School of Pharmacy is subject to a range of accreditation and quality reviews both internal and external. The School believes in transparency and welcomes the opportunity to showcase the educational excellence and quality of its programmes through accreditation.

Accreditation of a pharmacy degree programme is a requirement under section 7 of the Pharmacy Act 2007. It is a duty of the PSI to review the programme of education and training being provided by each School of Pharmacy within a five-year period. The pharmacy degree programmes are assessed against the PSI's approved accreditation standards to assure consistency across the pharmacy degree programmes provided in Ireland. It also has responsibility for the accreditation of the NPIP programme that is operated by the RCSI on behalf of the PSI.

Please find below links to RCSI most recent accreditation reports from the PSI:

The School will undergo a paper based accreditation by the PSI of its new MPharm programme in 2015, and will be accredited on an annual rolling basis during the implementation of the new programme.

In addition, RCSI undertakes its own ‘rolling' internal reviews. Academic units (at the level of school or faculty) and non-academic units (administrative support functions) are subject to review on six-year cycles. RCSI School of Pharmacy underwent this process in 2014. The report of the Peer Review Group and the arising Quality Improvement Plan can be found at;

The performance of the RCSI School of Pharmacy has also been externally evaluated and benchmarked to the other Schools of Pharmacy in Ireland as part of the PEARs (Pharmacy Education and Accreditation Reviews). In June 2010 this report was published by the PSI and our School compared most favourably. This was a fitting tribute to the vision of the foundation faculty of the now established School. The principle outcome of PEARs was a recommendation for the development of an integrated Master of Pharmacy (MPharm), and this became a reality when the MPharm programme was introduced in September 2015.