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Campus Planning to deliver a
campus development over the next
five years, including the completion of
80m education building on York
Street and optimising opportunities
from our property portfolio; and
Compliance ensure compliance with
banking covenants, pension funding
plans and the implementation of new
regulatory requirements in accounting,
company law, and charity regulation.
The 2013/14 performance achieved
would not have been possible without
the dedication, commitment and
adherence to budgetary requirements
of all staff of the College. I would also
like to acknowledge the support of my
senior management colleagues and
finance team in this regard.
The progress made over the last number
of years, positions us well to achieve our
ambitions in terms of the enhancement
phase of the financial journey, where we
continue to build on the education and
research objectives for the advancement
of healthcare worldwide and our
reputation as an international educator.
Significant progress
has been made over
the last number of
years improving the
operating model,
and the results
delivered in the year
demonstrate the
ability of the funding
model to support
the strategic plan.
Computer-generated image of the new academic and education building on York Street.