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Strengthening Governance
The College Board, which held its
inaugural meeting on Wednesday,
April 9, 2014, has continued to meet
regularly throughout the past 12
months and has already proven itself
as an important resource for Council,
the senior management team and the
College. The 13 person-strong Board's
range of expertise and competencies
extends from medicine and education
to the management of RCSI's property
portfolio, its international Colleges and
wider business activities and it has played
a vital part in advising strategy and
strengthening the governance of the day-
to-day administrative, legal and business
affairs of the College.
The New Academic Education Building
The NAEB is now well-advanced in
its construction phase and should be
completed by the end of 2016. Upon
completion, the NAEB will act as a catalyst
to further enhance existing amenities at
the St Stephen's Green campus, providing
a unique, inspiring and ambitious medical
sciences and surgical training facility
that will keep RCSI at the forefront of the
education of doctors, surgeons and other
healthcare professionals into the future.
The new surgical training facility will
provide an ideal environment for the newly
formed Faculty of Postgraduate Surgical
Educators. The Faculty aims to increase
the profile and recognition of surgical
education and training, while ensuring that
excellence in surgical training equates to
excellence and safety in patient care.
Surgical Training Pathway
Another landmark in the transformation
of the Surgical Training (ST) Pathway
was reached with the progression of
trainees from ST2 to ST3 in July 2015. As
anticipated, the implementation of the
new surgical training pathway continues to
be challenging, requiring hard work and
commitment from trainers and trainees
alike to ensure its success.
Training the next generation is, arguably,
one of the most important obligations on a
profession and a crucial factor in ensuring
Since its foundation in 1784, the
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
has earned a global reputation
for excellence, driven by a unique
alliance of educators, researchers and
practitioners who have defined RCSI's
leadership in healthcare, and built its
heritage of innovation in education
and research, as well as in surgical and
healthcare training and practice.
Today, RCSI's undergraduate and
postgraduate surgical campuses
in Dublin, Bahrain, Perdana and
Penang continue to nurture that
global reputation by producing the
highest quality medical graduates and
surgeons, armed with the knowledge
and skills required to deliver the
optimum quality of healthcare to
patients all over the world.
During the past year, RCSI has
continued to lead the way through
innovation and achievement in
healthcare training and practice,
nationally and internationally, and this
review highlights some of the most
significant developments that have
taken place from July 1, 2014 to June
30, 2015.
Mr Declan J. Magee, President, RCSI
RCSI is an innovative,
institution with a
wonderful heritage.