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programme is the ability to contact RCSI's
Alumni. To this end, the Development and
Alumni Relations team has commenced a
comprehensive `Contact Update' project.
Currently, the team are working with
all RCSI departments and faculties to
proactively update all 20,000 addresses,
emails and telephone numbers on the
Alumni database. Once this phase is
complete, the second phase of this
project will require the team to contact
all Alumni directly to verify or update
their details. Re-establishing contact with
Alumni in instances where it has been
lost is crucial to the future plans of the
Development and Alumni Relations team.
In addition to the expanding events
programme, the current Alumni
communication platforms - the annual
Alumni magazine, RCSI Matters, the
monthly e-zines, the website and
social media - will all be reviewed. The
renewed focus for these platforms will
be to engage Alumni directly by sharing
their news and stories to celebrate and
promote their success.
Alumni Mentor Network
The RCSI Mentor Network continues
to expand year-on-year, under the
leadership of Fionnuala Rahilly, Career
Development Manager. This interactive
portal, designed to facilitate online
mentorship between RCSI Alumni
worldwide and current students, now
boasts over 890 active Alumni members.
The College is deeply appreciative to all
those who generously give their time and
expertise, and encourage others to offer
their support to enhance the educational
success of RCSI. Find out more online at:
Recognising that a loyal and engaged
Alumni community is central to RCSI's
ongoing success, the next 12 months will
be an exciting time for the Development
and Alumni Relations team as they seek
to actively involve the Alumni in the
fulfilment of the College's ambitious
Last year's
Alumni Gathering
in September
welcomed back nine
classes, representing
the period from
1954-2004, totalling
over 240 Alumni
from 14 countries,
for their milestone
Pictured at the RCSI Alumni Gathering 2014 Reunion Gala Dinner (l-r) Andrew Maree (class of 1994),
Nichola Maree (class of 1998), Daragh O'Neill (class of 1994), Dorothy O'Neill, William Behan (class of
1994) and Tara Behan.
Dr Abdulkhalek Dasoo (class of 1964) pictured at the 2014 RCSI Alumni Gathering Scientific Meeting.
Dr Andrew Heffernan (class of 1988), Dr Emma
Meagher, (class of 1987) and Professor Noel
Williams, (class of 1981) at the inaugural North
American Alumni engagement event in New York.
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