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in conjunction with the Leadership
Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE).
There has been an ongoing focus
on researcher development this
year, offering courses such as Grant
Writing Workshops, Managing your
Research Project and Presenting your
Research. Researchers have also had
the opportunity to avail of one-to-
one coaching sessions with an expert,
specialist coach sourced by the College.
Researcher development will continue
to be a priority for the College in the
coming year.
Online learning continues to grow in
popularity and more than half of staff
members are active subscribers to
RCSI's, giving them access
to over 2,000 video-based tutorials on a
wide variety of subjects across all RCSI
campuses in Dublin and internationally.
Online data protection training was also
successfully rolled out.
The Staff Development Scheme
continued this year with 10 staff members
selected to receive 80 per cent fee
support from the Faculty of Medicine
and Health Sciences to undertake
postgraduate study in RCSI taught
More than 500 people participated
in internally offered courses. Popular
sessions this year included Time Matters,
Building Resilience, Project Management
and Cross Cultural Communication.
Strategic Recruitment
HR has been successful in attracting
some excellent talent across all
departments. Some key strategic
appointments include: Aíne Gibbons,
who joined RCSI in 2015 as Director of
Development and Alumni Relations; Aoife
Flanagan, who joined RCSI as Head of
Institutional Research and Planning; and
Dr Aoife Gallagher, the new Head of
Innovation in the Office of Research and
The number of clinical educators has
increased across all teaching hospitals
and the appointment of a number of joint
academic consultant positions has been
Senior Lecturer/Consultant in
Microbiology - Fidelma Fitzpatrick;
Associate Professor/Consultant -
James Paul O'Neill;
RCSI Associate Professor of Paediatric
Surgery - Mr Alan Mortell.
The School of Pharmacy has undergone
significant expansion and along with
its new office space in 111 St Stephen's
Green, HR has worked closely with the
management team to ensure the School is
resourced effectively to meet its strategic
objectives over the coming years.
RCSI is proud to be the first institution in
Ireland to introduce a Physician Associate
Programme which was formally launched
in June 2015 in Beaumont Hospital.
Professor David Kuhns who has extensive
experience gained in the US, will support
both Professor Arnold Hill and Dr Pauline
Joyce in developing this innovative model
in Ireland.
StAR (Strategic Academic Recruitment)
The StAR Programme represents an
exciting phase which will see the HR
department recruiting 20 new academic
posts of Research Lecturer. This will be a
key focus for the HR and Research teams
over the coming months. The recruitment
focus will be on academics that excel
in research and want to advance their
careers in an academic, health science
Athena Swan Awards
The Athena Swan Awards are part of
the Athena Swan Charter for women in
science, which recognises commitment
to advancing women's careers in STEMM
(science, technology, engineering,
mathematics and medicine) academia.
The awards play a significant role in
helping departments carry out research
at the highest standards of international
excellence, and in maintaining a
competitive advantage.
RCSI is submitting an application for a
bronze Athena Swan award in September
2015. The joint leads are Leonie Young,
Associate Professor, Surgery (academic
lead) and Deirdre Fahy, Human Resources
Business Partner (HR lead).
Special Projects
The development of the Core HR
system continued this year including
the popular introduction of Core
mobile for phones, and a recent
version upgrade. New ways in which
automation can improve and streamline
key activities will continue to be
identified and further innovations in
this area are expected.
Benefits available to staff members are
consistently promoted, in particular,
pension benefits. A high profile and
successful campaign was run to
encourage take-up of this important
benefit with the associated increase in
the College contribution recognised as
best in class externally.
The Professional Development Planning
process continues and is supported by
ongoing training, coaching and one-to-
one support from the HR team.
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Implementation of the RCSI HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) got underway in 2014.