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RCSI Human Resources (HR) function
is integral to College life, with a reach
that extends to all staff - academic,
research and administration/support
- while providing a vital interface
with the student body. The period
from July 2014 to June 2015 has
been one of intense activity for
RCSI's HR department, driven by a
commitment to invest in, and develop,
all employees.
The College's comprehensive learning
and development initiative continues
with the Leadership and Development
Programme, the `Bitesize' Management
Workshop series and more. High quality
offerings in a number of core areas
are now available, including project
management, and research presentation.
Strategic recruitment campaigns have
seen RCSI successfully attract excellent
talent, which will help enhance the quality
of our research and teaching output.
Learning and Development
A number of new programmes were
developed and rolled out for staff across
all areas of the College this year. RCSI's
bespoke Leadership Development
Programme (LDP) was launched.
Designed in conjunction with the Senior
Management Team, the programme
aims to strengthen and deepen the
leadership skills of all participants. This
is a significant investment by RCSI in
its senior people. RCSI is committed to
developing leaders who will be pivotal
in helping the College achieve its
ambition of growth and excellence. This
programme runs over a seven month-
period and 14 participants from across
the College are taking part. They are
participating in a series of two-to-three
day skill-building modules, taking part
in one-to-one coaching sessions, and
working together in small support and
challenge groups towards individual
organisational goals. The programme
is proving to be highly effective in
developing leadership competencies
and strengthening working relationships.
It is envisaged that this will be further
expanded in 2016 and beyond.
The Bitesize Management Workshop
series was very well attended this year.
These short, focused sessions were
designed to be easily accessible and
thought-provoking, and to give managers
practical techniques that they could
immediately apply in their departments.
The format was positively received by
managers as it allowed them to update
their skills without having to take a
day away from the office. A number of
managers also completed the Coaching
Skills for Managers course, offered
Strategic recruitment
campaigns have seen
RCSI attract excellent
talent, which will help
enhance the quality
of our research and
teaching output.
Mr Barry Holmes,
Director of Human Resources