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medals for academic excellence and
performance in assessments, were
awarded to five of the University's
Research honours
Dr Karen Morgan, RCSI Lead in
Psychology and new President Elect
of the European Health Psychology
Society, received an Early Career Award
from the European Health Psychology
Society in recognition of outstanding
research excellence. Dr Radha Kodiappan
(Department of Biochemistry) was
awarded first prize in the University
Putra Malaysia Cancer Research Poster
Competition in 2014. Dr Kodiappan
also received a significant two-year
grant, under the Fundamental Research
Grant Scheme (FRGS), funding her
research work on aggressive bladder
cancer stem-cell phenotype MRNA.
Following on from these considerable
research accomplishments, PU-RCSI
student Pathiban Nivamalathiban's
research project paper was published
in the Journal of the American College
of Cardiology (impact factor 15). This
paper was developed during the PU-RCSI
student summer research programme.
Accreditation visits
After the third Irish Medical Council
accreditation visit in 2014, PU-RCSI was
highly commended on the successful
implementation of the Medical Council
recommendations in 2013. These
included the development of the clinical
teaching programme and placements; key
staff appointments; and the teaching and
learning opportunities made available at
Hospital Kuala Lumpur. A monitoring visit
by the Malaysian Medical Council was
carried out on May 21, 2015, resulting in
an extremely positive subsequent report.
In partnership with RCSI and University
College Dublin (UCD), Penang Medical
College (PMC), has been providing the
highest quality medical education to
internationally recognised standards
since 1996 and has graduated more
than 1,000 doctors since 2001. This
year, PMC received confirmation from
the Malaysian Medical Council and
Malaysian Qualification Agency that the
College will be accredited until April
2018 a major accomplishment for the
College. PMC was also informed that it
is the only medical school outside the
EU whose graduates are eligible to apply
for internship in Ireland, highlighting the
College's excellent reputation worldwide.
PMC Satellite Clinical Skills and
Education Centre
The construction of the new PMC Satellite
Clinical Skills and Education Centre this
year, is the first such facility in the region
of Penang and is designed for medical
students to develop their practical skills
during their clinical training. On March 17,
2015, Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan
Eng officially opened the Centre, which
is located adjacent to the Seberang Jaya
The 5,000 square foot Centre houses
the clinical skills unit, seminar rooms
and facilities for video recording family
medicine consultations, incorporating the
teaching and learning of communication
There are also overnight student facilities
for on-call purposes. The Centre is
expected to further strengthen PMC's ties
with the Ministry of Health, as staff from
the hospital can also use the facilities for
Teaching award highlights
In recognition of the enormous
commitment to teaching, demonstrated
by PMC's staff, the College initiated the
President's Awards for Excellence in
Teaching. The inaugural award winner
for part-time clinical teaching staff,
chosen by the graduates from over
240 part-time staff, was Mr Nasser Abd
Wahab, a neurosurgeon at Penang
General Hospital. The award for full-
time clinical teaching staff was given to
Professor Richard Loh Li Cher, Head of
the Department of Medicine at PMC.
Professor Amir Khir, President, CEO and
Dean at PMC, presented the awards at
the annual PMC Graduates Ball on June
14, 2015.
Key student accolades
This year, PMC students excelled in
two of Ireland's major competitions for
medical students. Jut Kit Khoo, class of
2017, won first place in the Beaumont
Hospital Sheppard Prize competition
in Pathology; and Ms Ju Vern Ew, class
of 2016, has been awarded the Dr HH
Stewart Medical Scholarship in Medical
Microbiology by the National University
of Ireland in 2014 the first PMC student
to receive the award.
Research activity at PMC
Research is a major priority for the
College, and, in its latest initiative to
enhance research activity, PMC has
formed a Research Committee and
PMC Institutional Ethics Committee
to expedite approval on scientific and
ethical aspects of research, as well as
increase effectiveness in the allocation
of funding. The College has also recently
launched the MSc in Health Research and
White coat ceremony at Perdana University-RCSI (PU-RCSI) School of Medicine.
PMC has graduated
more than 1,000
doctors since 2001.