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Since opening in 2004, RCSI Bahrain has
strived for, and achieved, ever-higher
standards of excellence in academia,
research, training activities and
community engagement.
RCSI Bahrain is continuously building
its network of international hospitals
and facilities to advance healthcare
standards and promote student
elective opportunities and student and
postgraduate research collaboration
worldwide. This year agreements were
signed with Johns Hopkins Singapore;
Global Health City, Chennai, India; and
the University of Medical Sciences and
Technology, Sudan. To enhance its
international community engagement
programme for its students, the
University has also further developed
links with centres including Vikas
Hospital, Delhi, India and Children's
Hospital No.2, Ho Chi Minh City,
In November 2014, RCSI Bahrain
celebrated its 10th anniversary,
representing a successful decade of
delivering undergraduate medical
training in Bahrain. As part of this
celebration and in collaboration with
RCSI Dublin, it launched the Dilmun PhD
research scholarship programme. This is a
first of its kind in Bahrain and will be open
to Bahraini postgraduate students. The
first three projects have been approved
and recruitment for candidates has
already begun.
School of Medicine
In October 2014, RCSI Bahrain's School of
Medicine underwent an intensive review
of its undergraduate medical teaching
programme by the Irish Medical Council
and, subsequently, was awarded full
accreditation for the next five years. For
the second year in a row, RCSI Bahrain
graduates also received a 100% pass
rate in the Bahrain Medical Licensure
Exam conducted by the National
Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)
showcasing the University's reputation for
excellence. The School also launched its
first Intern and Tutor awards this year.
School of Nursing and Midwifery
The School of Nursing and Midwifery
successfully completed a BSc Bridging
programme with Saudi Aramco and
Johns Hopkins in 2014. Nursing research
projects on clinical teaching have
continued to progress and a number of
new collaborative projects with partner
hospitals, and interprofessional education
projects, involving medical students and
nursing students, have been established.
The founding of the Sigma Theata Tau
Honours Society, in collaboration with
other nursing institutions, is a major
The Dilmun PhD
research scholarship
programme is the
first of its kind in
Newly opened synthetic outdoor sports pitch at RCSI Bahrain.