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EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING - Irish Institute of Pharmacy
Training Programmes
The IIOP also provides a range of
accredited training programmes to
pharmacists and pharmaceutical
Most significantly, in September
2014, we launched an online influenza
vaccination training programme for
experienced vaccinators, which was
completed by over 450 pharmacists.
Online courses were developed in
antibiotic stewardship, anticoagulation,
cardiovascular disease, diabetes and
medicines management in the older
person. These courses have proved
popular, with feedback indicating
that self-directed online training
programmes are seen as convenient for
busy professionals.
The IIOP also delivered a series of
two-day Superintendent Pharmacist
training courses and one-day Personal
Development training courses. More
training programmes will be added each
Strategy Development
The IIOP Steering Group participated
in a number of facilitated workshops
which resulted in the development of a
strategy which will guide the activities
of the IIOP until 2018. The strategy sets
out the vision, mission and values of the
IIOP and outlines the key strategic paths
which will be taken over the coming
Peer Support Pharmacists attend IIOP Training in January 2015.