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IIOP ePortfolio
In March 2015, the IIOP launched its
ePortfolio to over 5,500 registered
pharmacists and pharmaceutical
This ePortfolio is one of the central
components of the new CPD system
for pharmacists. It helps pharmacists to
identify and address their development
needs in a reflective and patient-
focused manner. It also supports them
in meeting the CPD requirements set by
the pharmacy regulator.
Feedback from pharmacists has been
overwhelmingly positive, with the
ePortfolio's usability and applicability to
practice being particularly welcomed.
User experience was at the heart of the
ePortfolio's development, with focus
groups and pharmacist involvement at
every stage.
Peer Support Pharmacists
In January, we welcomed 30 of our Peer
Support Pharmacists (PSPs) to RCSI for
a two-day event. There was a packed
agenda, including training sessions,
workshops, debates and discussions,
as well as opportunities for networking
and socialising. The PSPs serve as an
important and valuable conduit for
communication between the IIOP and
the profession and help to shape the
work of the IIOP.
Information Events
An important aspect of the IIOP's work
is to engage the profession in the new
CPD system. Information events have
been delivered throughout 2014 and
2015 to support this objective.
In 2014, the PSPs delivered 60
nationwide events, both face-to-face
and virtually. These sessions provided
an overview of the new CPD model for
pharmacists and outlined how the IIOP
will support pharmacists as they engage
with the new system.
The 2015 events focus on how the
ePortfolio could be used to support
CPD, and include live demonstrations of
the ePortfolio, as well as information on
the supports available to pharmacists.
Engagement with the Pharmacy
While the information events are
vital in disseminating information
about the IIOP and pharmacists' CPD
requirements, in the last 12 months, the
IIOP has worked to initiate a national
conversation amongst pharmacists
about CPD and the role of the IIOP.
The IIOP presented at a range of
conferences, including those of the
Hospital Pharmacists Association of
Ireland; the Irish Pharmacy Union;
Pharmacists in Industry, Education and
Regulation, the Irish Pharmacy Students
Association; the European Mentoring
and Coaching Council; and the
International Pharmaceutical Federation.
The IIOP were also joint organisers of
the All Ireland Pharmacy Conference in
January 2015.
A newsletter was developed to keep
pharmacists up-to-date on the progress
of the IIOP and on new courses and
events. The IIOP aims to build on
this newsletter and our use of social
media platforms to develop a hub
of community engagement for the
pharmacy profession.
Dr Catriona Bradley,
Executive Director, Irish Institute of
During its second year of operation, the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP)
has made considerable strides in establishing a new continuing professional
development (CPD) infrastructure for pharmacists. This has included
development of an online IIOP ePortfolio, engagement with the profession,
delivery of a suite of training programmes and the development of a strategy
for the next four years.
Feedback from
pharmacists has
been overwhelmingly
positive, with the
ePortfolio's usability
and applicability
to practice being
Peer Support Pharmacist Jenny Smyth presents an
ePortfolio Information Event in RCSI in March 2015.