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EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING - Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine, RCPI and RCSI
care course is going from strength to
strength, with two courses now running
every year (Dublin and Cork). The Faculty
is looking at bringing this course to
Galway and Limerick in the coming years,
and also to Northern Ireland, with the
assistance of FSEM Fellows and Members
based around Belfast. This course is
the only course in Ireland accredited by
the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care (Royal
College of Surgeons of Edinburgh).
The Faculty is in the process of
introducing its refresher course for all
candidates who have already successfully
completed the SPoRTS course over the
past three years, and it is developing
a new "SPoRTS course for all" at level
1, for anyone from the general public.
The Faculty hopes to further develop
training in immediate care for children
(management of serious injuries/trauma in
schools) and it has met with Department
of Health and Children and Department
of Education representatives over the
past few months in that respect.
RCSI Mini-Med Open Lecture Series
The Faculty was delighted to be selected
for, and take part in, the RCSI Mini-Med
Open Lecture Series in January 2015,
with its Concussion Working Group
Chairman, Professor Michael G Molloy,
delivering a lecture on the "Management
of Concussion", while Dr Padraig Sheeran
gave a presentation on "Emergency Care
in Remote Areas Wilderness Medicine
in Kilimanjaro". Dr Sheeran was delighted
that Shane Dunphy could attend the
meeting; Shane is a remarkable young
man with cystic fibrosis who climbed
Mount Kilimanjaro with Dr Sheeran last
summer with Kilimanjaro Achievers truly
Injury prevention in MMA fighting
This event was organised by RCSI Society
of Neurosciences in January 2015, under
the leadership of Professor Dan Healy
from Beaumont Hospital. The Faculty
supported the students involved with
the organising of this event on the day at
registration and by promoting the event
on social media.
Second Spring Study Day
The Faculty's second Spring Study Day
took place in University College Cork
(UCC) in April 2015. This was a successful
meeting, with nearly 100 delegates
attending. The Faculty hopes to hold its
third Spring Study Day outside of Dublin
again in Spring 2016.
The Spring Study Day is highly focused
on the next generation of Sports &
Exercise Medicine specialists and other
practitioners who have an interest in
Sports & Exercise Medicine, and the
Faculty welcomes the undergraduate
community to this meeting.
Journal Clubs and Grand Rounds
These sessions take place in Dublin,
Galway and Mayo once a month during
the academic year, and on a quarterly
basis in Cork. This year saw a new Journal
Club being set up in Northern Ireland. All
sessions are approved for 2 CPD credits.
Faculty Board
Dr Padraig Sheeran, Dean; Professor
W. Arthur Tanner, Vice-Dean: Dr Suzi
Clarke, Honorary Secretary; Dr Adrian
McGoldrick, Treasurer; Professor
Frank Murray, RCPI President ex
officio; Professor Michael G. Molloy,
RCPI Representative; Professor Sean
Gaine, RCPI Representative; Mr Declan
Magee, RCSI President ex officio; Mr
John Quinlan, RCSI Representative;
Mr Paddy Kenny, RCSI Representative;
Dr Rod McLoughlin, Irish Institute of
Sport Representative; Lt Col. Tim Swan
and Dr Rod Jaques (Alternate), FSEM
(UK) Representatives; Ms Una May, Lay
Member; Mr Kieran Collins, Lay Member;
Mr Ruairi Harvey, Lay Member; Board
Members: Dr Alan Byrne, Dr Philip
Carolan, Dr Martin Daly, Dr Eanna Falvey,
Dr Michael Griffin, Dr Gerald Kerr, Dr
Nick Mahony, Dr Mick Molloy, Dr Pat
O'Neill, Professor John Ryan, and Dr
Michael Webb.
The Standard
Principles of
Resuscitation and
Trauma in Sport
(SPoRTS) immediate
care course is going
from strength to
strength, with two
courses now running
every year.
Workshop at FSEM Annual Scientific Conference 2014 "The Sporting Hip, Groin and Hamstring".