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HST SEM programme
The Faculty is currently finalising its
submission to the Medical Council for
accreditation of its Higher Specialist
Training (HST SEM) programme in Sports
& Exercise Medicine. This accreditation
visit will have enormous ramifications
for the Faculty's training body, and the
Faculty is hopeful that it can bring this
project to a positive outcome.
The Faculty has received provisional
approval of its training programme by the
HSE for funding, and it hopes to be in a
position to advertise for its first specialist
registrar (SpR) intake in the next 12 to
18 months, provided its postgraduate
training programme has been formally
This programme will be open to
candidates who have already completed
specialist training in a recognised
specialty, and who wish to gain additional
expertise in the new specialty of Sports
& Exercise Medicine, leading to dual-
certification. Successful completion of
the programme will see trainees being
awarded with a Certificate of Completion
of Specialist Training (CCST) in Sports &
Exercise Medicine.
Annual Scientific Conference 2014
The FSEM's Annual Scientific Conference
(ASC) 2014, on "The Sporting Hip,
Groin and Hamstring", took place on
September 4-6, 2014, in the Helix, Dublin
City University (DCU). ASC 2014 was a
joint venture with the World Federation
of Athletic Training and Therapy (WFATT),
which was also holding its World
Congress in Dublin, thanks to the support
of Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland
Mr Paul Kimmage opened the
conference, which was followed by the
awarding of honorary fellowships to
Professor Per Hölmich, Professor Lyle
Micheli, Mr Bernard Donne and Dr Ken
Kennedy. More than 300 delegates
registered for lectures, workshops and
keynotes. The Faculty would like to take
this opportunity to thank DCU colleagues
for their valuable support under the 3U
The Faculty ran six Sports & Exercise
Medicine Structured Educational
Programme (SEMSEP) modules in the
past academic year and produced a short
promotional video which may be viewed
on the Faculty's YouTube channel. The
Faculty is currently planning four modules
for the academic year 2015/2016. The
feedback gathered so far from delegates
over the past two years has been really
ICGP/FSEM Joint Diploma in MSK
Examination and Injury Management
This diploma is one of the most popular
diplomas in the Irish College of General
Practitioners (ICGP), and its success is
due to the high calibre of the tutors
involved. More than 120 people have
completed the diploma so far, and
FSEM is also currently discussing future
collaborative projects with ICGP. FSEM
would like to thank the following FSEM
Fellows for their continuous involvement
in the running of this course: Dr John
O'Riordan, course principal, as well as
Dr Joe Conway, Dr Mick Griffin and Dr
Laoise Griffin, course tutors.
SPoRTS course
The Standard Principles of Resuscitation
and Trauma in Sport (SPoRTS) immediate
Dr Padraig Sheeran,
Dean, Faculty of Sports & Exercise
Medicine, RCPI and RCSI
It has been another busy year for the Board, Committee and staff of the Faculty
of Sports & Exercise Medicine (FSEM). In the reporting period July 1, 2014, to
June 30, 2015, the Faculty has held or participated in a number of successful
events, including its Annual Scientific Conference and second Spring Study
Day. Education continues to be a key focus for the Faculty, with the HST SEM
programme, SEMSEP Modules, SPoRTS Immediate Care course and ICGP/FSEM
Joint Diploma in musculoskeletal (MSK) Examination and Injury Management,
among its educational activities.
The Faculty is
currently finalising
its submission to
the Medical Council
for accreditation of
its Higher Specialist
Training programme.
At the FSEM Annual Scientific Conference 2014, the FSEM
Organising Committee with guest speakers including
keynote speaker Professor Per Hölmich (3rd from right).