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Continuous Professional Development
The Faculty's CPD curricula are
continuing to evolve, reflecting the
needs of the professions and the health
sector. The Faculty created a range of
CPD courses and is being commissioned
to provide courses in a broad range of
areas. It has developed collaborative
service-level agreements for education
training and project management
with both private and public partners,
including the HSE, the PNA, private
hospital association members and
nursing homes.
The Faculty has also been working with
various departments in RCSI to create a
strategic internal alliance that will support
it in its application to the Nursing and
Midwifery Board in relation to the tender
to deliver Maintenance and Professional
Competency Schemes, by offering
interdisciplinary and electronic solutions.
Mr Thomas Kearns, Executive Director
of the Faculty, has devised a set of
standards that enables the Faculty to
quality assure and accredit CPD courses
delivered by partner programmes
nationally and internationally.
The Faculty has also developed
international collaborations with, for
example, the European Council of
Nursing Regulators, the Croatian Nursing
Association and the Jordanian Nursing
Honorary Associates
By June 2015, 28 senior nurses and
midwives were appointed as Honorary
Teaching, Research, Clinical and
Education Associates to the Faculty of
Nursing and Midwifery for the first time,
to support the Faculty agendas in those
areas and to strengthen CPD provision.
The main piece of research that the
Faculty has been involved in over the past
year is the Research Excellence Across
Clinical Healthcare (REACH) project. The
faculty received funding in the region of
150,000 to appoint Dr Linda Nugent
as a post-doctoral research fellow. Her
work involves research capacity building,
working in 17 research projects that are
taking place across clinical services in
north Dublin, in areas such as community,
care of the elderly, midwifery service, and
acute hospital service.
The two-year project got underway in
November 2014, and has delivered
practice change, peer review publications
and national and international conference
In October 2014, Professor Marie Carney,
Dean of the Faculty, recommended to the
Board, six Fellowships of the Faculty of
Nursing and Midwifery by examination at
the RCSI.
The Faculty also conferred an Honorary
Fellowship on Keith Duffy, singer-
songwriter, actor, television and radio
presenter and autism awareness
campaigner for his work for children with
autism in Ireland, during the ceremony
to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the
Faculty in October.
In February 2015, the Dean conferred
three Honorary Fellowships. HRH
Princess Muna Al-Hussain of Jordan was
recognised for her contribution to nursing
and society internationally, and her life-
time commitment to establishing nursing
as a profession for women in Jordan and
in the Middle East.
Rachel McCloud Spring, a nurse and
midwife, was honoured for her life-long
Professor Marie Carney,
Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery
In September 2014, following governance changes and the separation of the
Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery from the School of Nursing and Midwifery,
the Faculty began implementation of its five-year strategic plan. The focus
of that strategic plan is on maintaining professional competence, continuous
professional development (CPD), Fellowships, project management and the
annual international research and education conference.
The Faculty's
CPD curricula are
continuing to evolve,
reflecting the needs
of the professions
and the health sector.
Minister for Health Leo Varadkar at the 34th RCSI
Annual International Nursing and Midwifery Research
and Education Conference.