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The National Quality Improvement
Steering Committee, based in RCPI, was
an important focus of activity this year,
culminating in a highly successful QI
workshop in June 2015 where version 3 of
the National QI Guidelines for Radiology
and a Faculty Guidance Document for
Radiologists on Open Disclosure were
International activities
The Dean of the Faculty of Radiologists is
a member of the Specialty Training Board
of the Royal College of Radiologists,
London. This role provides unique
insights, and opportunities for the
exchange of ideas on all training matters.
The Faculty of Radiologists worked
with Medical Validation Ireland in the
revalidation of medical practitioners
working for Hamad Medical Corporation
(HMC) in Qatar. The Dean presented
certificates to successful Radiologists at
the MVIRL/HMC ceremony in Qatar.
In Kuwait, the Dean and the Kuwait
Programme Coordinator performed
annual assessments for all SpRs. An
accreditation visit by a Faculty team
followed, and the existing programme
was re-accredited. A third training
hospital was also approved. Trainees from
Kuwait are now receiving Higher Training
in Ireland in collaboration with the
International Medical Graduate Training
Initiative of the Forum of Postgraduate
Training Bodies and NDTP.
Strong links continue to be maintained
with the European Society of Radiology
(ESR) and European Union of Medical
Specialists (UEMS), where the Dean
Emeritus, Dean and others represent
the Faculty. Dr Seamus Looby is now our
Neuroradiology UEMS representative.
Two previous Deans are Examiners in the
European Diploma in Radiology (EdiR)
examination of ESR.
In 2014, the Faculty entered discussions
with the Icelandic Society of Radiology to
explore how it could assist with a range
of developments including curriculum
and examinations. A Faculty team visited
Iceland in spring 2015 and the Annual
Scientific Meeting in 2015 will contain a
session titled: The Faculty meets Iceland.
The Faculty now sponsors the MacErlaine
Scholarship in Translational Imaging,
which allows an Irish trainee to spend
three years in clinical and research
training at the Massachusetts General
Hospital and the Institute of Cell Biology,
Harvard University.
Board changes
Dr Barry Kelly's term as Dean ended and
Professor Dermot Malone succeeded
him. Dr John Feeney (Radiology) and Dr
Carol McGibney (Radiation Oncology)
joined the Board, while Dr Max Ryan
(Radiology) and Dr Maeve Pomeroy
(Radiation Oncology) retired from the
Board. Dr Jerome Coffey left his post of
Treasurer and his position on the Board
to take up the post of Interim Director of
the NCCP. Our best wishes go with him.
Before Dr Coffey's move was final, Dr
Patricia Cunningham took on the duties
of Honorary Treasurer as well as her roles
as Chair of the Scientific Committee and
Vice Dean. In January, Dr James Clarke
took over the role of Honorary Treasurer.
Faculty Board
Officers: Professor Dermot Malone,
Dean; Dr Patricia Cunningham, Vice-Dean;
Dr Niall Sheehy, Honorary Secretary;
Dr James Clarke, Honorary Treasurer
Board Members: Dr Carol McGibney,
Dr Timothy Scanlon, Dr Colin Cantwell,
Dr Anthony Ryan, Dr Niamh Hambly,
Dr Declan Sheppard, Dr John Feeney,
Dr Barry Kelly.
Strong links continue
to be maintained
with the European
Society of Radiology.
Pictured at the Diagnostic Radiology meeting which took place during the Annual Scientific meeting are (l-r) Professor William Torreggiani, Dr Barry Kelly (Dean of the
Faculty 2012-2014), Dr Peter McMahon, Dr Eugene McKenna and Dr Patricia Cunningham.