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Academic activities
Exams for the Membership of the Faculty
of Dentistry (MFD), the Fellowship of the
Faculty of Dentistry (FFD), the Diploma in
Primary Care Dentistry (DipPCD) and the
Membership in General Dental Surgery
(MGDS) continue at RCSI Dublin and in
examination centres abroad including
New York and Malmö in Sweden, as well
as Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Sudan and
This year, the FFD exams in Oral Surgery
were held in New York University (NYU)
and the University of Khartoum, in Sudan.
International activities
A new relationship has been established
between RCSI and the University of
Malmö's dental school, and as a result,
the MFD examination took place there in
May 2015 for the first time.
As a result of this new relationship,
there has been an exchange of lecturers
between the two countries, with a
number of Swedish speakers coming to
Dublin to present at the Postgraduate
Dental Education Programme.
Postgraduate Dental Education
The Postgraduate Dental Education
Programme continues with monthly
Saturday lectures taking place in RCSI.
These lectures are designed to prepare
candidates to sit MFD, DipPCD and FFD
examinations. These sessions attract
an audience comprised of general
practitioners, postgraduate students and
final year dental students. The lectures
are also streamed online to universities in
Kuwait, Malmö and New York.
Nally Lecture
The biennial Nally Lecture, named after
distinguished RCSI alumnus Dr Fergal
Nally, took place in February 2015. One
of the most prestigious lectures to take
place in RCSI, it is a calendar highlight for
the Faculty of Dentistry every two years.
The tradition is that the Nally Lecture
topic is non-dental related. Broadcaster,
Dr Myles Dungan, gave this year's lecture
entitled `Selling the Great War in Ireland'.
He gave a fascinating insight into the PR
tactics employed to attract volunteers
from Ireland to fight in the Great War.
Following his excellent lecture, the Vice
President of the College, Professor John
Hyland, presented Dr Dungan with the
Nally Medal. Dr Dungan's name joins a
distinguished list of other Nally Medal
recipients including British historian and
explorer Tim Severin and poet Brendan
Annual Scientific Meeting
The 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting drew
a very large audience. Considerable
attention was given to the topic of
fluoride at the Annual Meeting and its use
in dentistry. As a consequence, a number
of radio interviews were conducted that
dealt with the issue of fluoride, as well
as the prevention of dental disease in
Another highlight of the meeting was
the Sheridan Lecture delivered by two
speakers: Dr Brian Schmidt from NYU
and Mr Eugene David Vaughan from the
UK. A capacity audience witnessed two
excellent presentations on the topic of
head and neck cancer.
Dr John Walsh,
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
The Faculty of Dentistry was founded in 1963 with the core mission of advancing
the science, art and practice of dentistry by the promotion of education, study
and research.
The Faculty is responsible for the maintenance of the highest standards of
postgraduate training in both Ireland and other centres around the world. With
more than 2,000 Fellows and Members globally, the Faculty's international role,
through the provision of programmes and examinations at Membership and
Fellowship level, is expansive and encompasses, in particular, the Middle East
and Gulf Region, New York and Sudan.
With more than
2,000 Fellows and
Members globally,
the Faculty's
international role,
through the provision
of programmes and
examinations at
Membership and
Fellowship level, is