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EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING - RCSI School of Nursing and Midwifery
contributing to RCSI's new Healthcare
Outcomes Research Centre.
Last year, some 450 people completed
full programmes. Applications to date are
very strong for 2015-2016. The School
successfully delivered the first Graduate
Nurse/Midwife programme, under the
leadership of Ms Chanel Watson. Chanel
was very ably assisted by four Nurse
Tutors, Niamh Rohan, Bridget Murray,
Maryam Hussain and Anne Marie Burke.
The programme is currently under
evaluation, but preliminary feedback is
that the programme has been a great
International Links
Horizon 2020
As well as working within the RCSI
hospital network, the School has
established direct links with international
bodies. In early 2015, it submitted its
First Horizon 2020 application, along with
applicants in Belgium, Germany, Norway,
Denmark, the UK and Northern Ireland.
The application is for funding in the area
of self-management of disease. The
School was supported in its work for this
application through Enterprise Ireland
The School is currently working with
international and national industry
partners in the field of wound healing and
tissue repair, for example addressing the
question of patients being able to self-
assess their risk of developing pressure
Science Without Borders and the Dilmun
The School was successful in receiving
a grant from Science Without Borders,
a Brazilian student mobility programme.
This has enabled a student from Brazil to
carry out PhD research at RCSI focusing
on pressure ulcers. The School was also
awarded the RCSI Dilmun Scholarship,
which is funding research into the
epidemiology of diabetic foot disease in
Masterclass series
In 2015, the School launched its
first masterclass series, hosting two
masterclasses in April and May. The first,
led by Ms Julie Jordan O'Brien, focused
on "Sustaining Pressure Ulcers to Zero
Using Evidence to Guide Practice", while
the second, led by Ms Mary O'Neill,
focused on "Adult Respiratory Health:
The Latest Evidence for Contemporary
Care". Over 150 people attended the
masterclasses over the two events. This
will become a set part of the Schools
calendar with master-classes planned to
run between April and June.
Wound Management Association of
Ireland Biennial Conference
On October 2 and October 3, 2015 the
School will host the Wound Management
Association of Ireland Biennial
conference. Some 400 people are
expected to attend the two-day event,
which will welcome both national and
international speakers and exhibitors.
The strategy's focus
is on the students'
experience, providing
an environment
where the student
feels nurtured and
supported, while also
ensuring that they
recognise the value
of their time at RCSI.
Pictured at the November 2014 Conferring Ceremony were (l-r) Lenora Fitzgerald, winner of the Mary Frances Crowley Award; Professor Zena Moore, Head of School
of Nursing and Midwifery; and Mr Declan J. Magee, RCSI President.