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The School has expanded its team and
welcomes two new lecturers, Ms Julie
Jordan O'Brien and Ms Rosemarie
Derwin. The administration team has
also grown and is now led by Mr James
Hayes, Operations Manager; two new
members of the team are Ms Anne Marie
Lyons and Ms Ruth Kelly.
Strategic management
The development of a strategy for the
School, which follows the exemplar
strategy of RCSI, is a first in its new
format and was strongly supported
by senior management at RCSI. It
addresses the key pillars of education,
research, team development, and
internationalisation. In doing so, it
focuses on three components: people,
processes and outputs. In keeping
with the RCSI Strategy Growth and
Excellence (2013-2017), the School's
vision is to grow its reputation as a centre
of excellence. It intends achieving this
through greater engagement in research,
both clinical and educational, whereupon
the School will be enabled to lead best
practice thorough the incorporation
and evaluation of latest technologies
and methods in the education of
students. Furthermore, it will continue
to work closely with key stakeholders to
ensure that the programmes it delivers
are responsive to the ever-changing
demands within the healthcare arena.
Another important development was
the establishment of a strong team to
deliver the vision and ambition of RCSI,
as well as implementing the strategy.
The strategy's focus is on the students'
experience, providing an environment
where the student feels nurtured and
supported, while also ensuring that they
recognise the value of their time at RCSI.
Dr Declan Patton, Director of Nursing
and Midwifery Research has been
instrumental over the past year in
drafting a strategy around research,
which addresses five pillars: wound
healing, older persons, education,
mental health and paediatrics. In year
one, there was a strong focus on the
area of wound healing, with four Masters
by research completed in the area of
wounds and wound outcomes. As the
School continues to develop, it will
expand its other areas of expertise and
will actively target outcomes such as
increased numbers of research students
and increased impactful publications and
conference presentations. The School is
well-positioned to achieve these goals
in 2015-2016 with the largest group ever
registered to undertake the Masters
programme. Furthermore, six PhD
students have registered, as well as two
Masters by research.
One of the key events during the year
has been the reaccreditation and
streamlining of many of the School's
courses, which was led by Dr Tom
O'Connor, Director of Academic Affairs
and Deputy Head of the School of
Nursing and Midwifery. As a result,
students have a number of education
options, such as completing stand-
alone modules, or three modules which
will earn a certificate, or, alternatively,
six modules as part of a postgraduate
diploma. After that, students can
continue on to study at a Masters level.
All programmes are accredited by the
NUI/RCSI and are approved by the
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.
The flexibility in the course options
is designed to facilitate a more user-
friendly approach to education delivery,
which enhances a positive work-life
balance as many students undertake
postgraduate training while also working
Clinical outcomes
The School has long-established links
with hospitals within the RCSI group
and beyond, which enables the delivery
of clinically focused education. The
main research focus is on clinical,
patient-centred outcomes, with the
aim of demonstrating the invaluable
contribution that nurses and midwives
make to the cost-effectiveness and
efficiency of health service delivery.
The School looks forward to actively
Professor Zena Moore,
Head of the School of Nursing and
It has been a formative year for the School of Nursing and Midwifery as it
separated, in September 2014, from the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. Now
under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the School has established a
solid strategy for its continued development.
The School of Nursing and Midwifery Conferring,
Convention Centre Dublin, November 2014.