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Student achievements
In November 2014, BSc (Pharm) graduate
Sarah-Jane O'Connor brought distinction
to the School by being awarded the
National University of Ireland (NUI) Dr HH
Stewart Scholarship (Pharmacy).
National Pharmacy Internship Programme
The School introduced a completely
updated and revised National Pharmacy
Internship Programme (NPIP) in
2014/2015. Following accreditation by
the NUI and RCSI, this programme was
subject in June 2015 to an accreditation
process of the Pharmaceutical Society of
Ireland (PSI). The School, in collaboration
with IT, developed and implemented the
Central Application and Selection Process
(CAASP), a purpose-built IT solution
designed to match NPIP students with
training establishments. Mr Matthew
Lynch and Ms Michelle Flood designed
the process to balance the demands
of both the students who are seeking
places and the diverse range of training
establishments that offer placements, and
Michael Cresswell oversaw the successful
Five-year integrated Master of Pharmacy
The School will deliver a new, fully
integrated five-year Master of Pharmacy
programme from September 2015. This
programme, which was designed by the
Curriculum Design Group (Dr James
Barlow, Ms Michelle Flood, Professor
Paul Gallagher, Mr John Hayden, Dr
Samuel Maher, Dr Ben Ryan and Dr
Judith Strawbridge), supported by the
Operations Team (Ms Siún Aherne, Ms
Aurea Conroy, Ms Bernadette Kearney
and Mr Darragh Scannell), has successfully
undergone RCSI accreditation. The
programme will provide our students
with the personal and professional skills
required to practise as a pharmacist in the
contemporary and constantly evolving
professional environments.
International collaborations
In April 2015, RCSI signed a Memorandum
of Academic and Research Collaboration
with Soochow University (SU; China). The
collaboration was further advanced with
the first International Research Summer
National collaborations
RCSI signed a strategic partnership with
Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin,
in May 2015. In June 2015, the School
signed an agreement with the Institute
of Technology Sligo, which will provide
a pathway to IT Sligo graduates to
progress to the new Master of Pharmacy
programme. In June 2015, the School also
signed an agreement with Boots whereby
the School will manage an ongoing review
of the new Boots alcohol detox service.
New office space
The staff offices of the School have
moved to Ardilaun House. The bespoke
offices were opened in February 2015
and are a representation of the School's
continued growth.
Research: Pharmaceutical Science
The Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Translational Research in Nano-medical
Devices (TREND) Investigator Programme
led by Professor Andreas Heise and
Professor Sally Ann Cryan received
in funding. Professor Cryan also led RCSI's
participation in the new
50m SFI Centre
for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM).
Dr Steve Kerrigan received a prestigious
SFI Career Development Award of
The DRIVE consortium received
funding as part of the Horizon 2020
research and innovation framework
programme. DRIVE is coordinated by
Dr Garry Duffy (Department of Anatomy)
and Dr Helena Kelly is the deputy
In June 2015, Nicola Kavanagh (School
of Pharmacy, Molecular and Cellular
Therapeutics [MCT] and Tissue
Engineering Research Group [TERG])
was awarded the Robert Mathys prize for
Best Research Project and Presentation
at the eCM XVI International Conference:
Bone and Implant Infections (Davos,
Professor Paul Gallagher,
Head of the School of Pharmacy
The RCSI School of Pharmacy is currently in an exciting phase of growth, with
increasing student and staff numbers, an innovative National Pharmacy Internship
Programme, a new integrated five-year Master of Pharmacy programme and
success in research. Key agreements with national and international institutions
have been signed, including a Memorandum with Soochow University in China.
The School also relocated to bespoke offices and adopted a new management
structure to enable its continued `growth through excellence'.
Aislinn Farrington pictured at her BSc (Pharm)
graduation in RCSI in November 2014.