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EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING - RCSI Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
programme commenced at St Stephens's
Green in September 2014 with 22
academic participants and will continue
with another intake this September 2015
at Beaumont Hospital. The programme
has also commenced with 10 staff
members in RCSI Bahrain.
HPEC also now supports the roll-out of a
Peer Observation of Teaching Programme
across the College. The model used is
collaborative and formative; 84 members
of Faculty have attended the training
workshops and over 50 have been actively
engaging with the process of peer
observation over the past academic year.
Educator in Residence
Our second Educator in Residence was
Professor Clarence Kreiter, a Professor at
the University of Iowa Carver College of
Medicine, USA. He took up the position
of Fulbright Scholar in RCSI in Spring
2015. Professor Kreiter has a doctorate
in quantitative psychology, measurement
and statistics, has published extensively
on innovative cognitive and clinical skills
assessment designs, statistical selection
methods and research design. The
Fulbright assignment involved research
and development of both traditional and
computer-based simulation assessment
methods, as well as a teaching
collaboration with the RCSI graduate
programme in Health Professions
Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Strategy for RCSI 2014-2017
The RCSI Strategic Plan for provision of
TEL services and support for teaching
and learning at RCSI was launched in
September 2014. The Strategy has been
informed by an action research study and
developed by HPEC, in consultation with
key stakeholders, utilising the expertise
and experiences of the teaching and
learning community at RCSI.
In line with the RCSI TEL Strategy, a
TEL pilot initiative has been established
through collaboration between HPEC
and RCSI's IT department to develop
sustainable best practice models for
blended learning programmes at RCSI.
The first cycle of pilot projects ran from
September 2014 to March 2015. A second
cycle of TEL Innovation pilot projects
is planned to commence in September
The Health Professions Education
Research Strategy
The Health Professions Education
Research Strategy was launched as part of
the RCSI Research Strategy in November
2014. The HPE Research Strategy will
build on organisational capability and
enhance partnerships with:
RCSI international sites, such as RCSI
Bahrain, Penang Medical College and
Perdana University;
national partners, such as NUI
Maynooth and Dublin City University;
existing international links, such as
Maastricht University, the Mayo Clinic
and McGill University.
Best evidence in medical education
International Collaborating Centre
In March 2014, HPEC was awarded
the status of BICC, joining 12 other
institutions globally. As a BICC, HPEC has
been collaborating with other centres to
promote the creation of a culture of best
evidence among individuals, institutions
and national bodies in the production
of systematic reviews which present and
make accessible the best evidence and
support for stakeholders in adopting an
evidence-informed approach to teaching
Faculty-level Vice Dean Developments
A series of new Vice Deans have
been appointed with specific areas of
responsibility, signalling development
priorities within the Faculty over the next
four years.
The appointments are:
Dr Mary Clarke as Vice Dean for
International Citizenship;
Dr Frances Horgan, as Vice Dean for
Interprofessional Education;
Professor Kieran Murphy, Vice Dean for
Professionalism; and,
Dr Orna Tighe, as Vice Dean for Student
Support and Development.
Leadership in International Medical
RCSI Bahrain
In an exciting development, RCSI Bahrain
has established the Dilmun PhD Scholar
Programme, a new structured PhD
programme encouraging collaborative
research, on projects of significance to
healthcare needs in Bahrain, between
research staff in RCSI-Dublin and RCSI-
Bahrain (one year in Dublin and four
years in Bahrain). The first competitive
application process has been completed
and three PhD students will start their
studies in association with the School of
Postgraduate Studies in Dublin in Autumn
Penang Medical College (PMC), Malaysia
PMC continues to strengthen its
contribution to the advancement of
healthcare through excellence in medical
education, training, research and practice.
In an exciting new development for
PMC, the first year of a Masters Degree
in Health Research, led by Professor
Dr Abdul Rashid Khan (PMC) and
Professor Ronan Conroy (RCSI), was
delivered during the last 12 months.
This innovative two-year programme is
tailored to the career development needs
of health professionals in Malaysia and
neighbouring countries in the region.
Perdana University RCSI School of
Medicine (PU-RCSI), Malaysia
The appointment of Professor David
Adams to the post of Dean in August
2014, marked the beginning of a new
phase in the development of PU-RCSI
and another significant milestone will be
reached in September 2015, when the
first group of students will enter their final
The Fourth International Conference
for Healthcare and Medical Students
The undergraduate biomedical
conference, aimed at students and run
by students took place in October 2014.
The highly successful event was attended
by 110 students from 15 countries. The
meeting not only gives students the
opportunity to present research findings
and have their abstracts published, but
also highlights the importance of research
and provides career information on
specific research topics.
RCSI Student Medical Journal (RCSIsmj)
This journal is a student-led initiative,
inspired by research-active staff and
provided with essential back-up and
support by Ms Margaret McCarthy at
the Dean's Office (
The eighth edition of the RCSIsmj was
published in May 2015. The RCSIsmj
aims to provide a forum for RCSI student
contributions to the field of medicine
in any discipline. It provides inspiring
evidence of the great students we have
and will be proud to host as Alumni in a
few years from now.