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A prospective randomised multicentre
study to optimise the management of
symptomatically uncontrolled asthma
patients. HRB/Health Research Award
Dr Markus Rehm, Exploiting
MELanoma disease comPLEXity to
address European research training
needs in translational cancer systems
biology and cancer systems medicine.
EU-H2020/Marie Curie ITN. Total award
2.8m, of which 831k to RCSI.
Dr Steve Kerrigan, Endothelial
dysfunction in severe blood stream
infection. SFI Career Development
Dr Ann Hopkins, Understanding the
mechanistic role and drugability
of JAM-A, an emerging upstream
regulator of breast cancer tumourigenic
signalling, using in vitro and in vivo
methodologies and a novel small
molecule inhibitor. SFI Investigator
Programme (IvP) Award.
Professor Jochen Prehn, Angiogenin
protein delivery for the treatment of
motoneuron diseases. SFI/Industry
Research Partnership.
Professors Sally-Ann Cryan, Gerry
McElvaney, Fergal O'Brien, Centre for
Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM).
SFI Research Centre Award (seven
partners in total).
485k to RCSI.
Awards, Honours And Prizes
Professor Aidan Bradford, RCSI
Physiology and Medical Physics,
was awarded the degree of Doctor
of Science (DSc) by the National
University of Ireland. The DSc is the
highest academic qualification that can
be awarded by an Irish university. It is
based on submitted published work
and is awarded to scholars who have,
over a sustained period, published a
substantial body of groundbreaking
and influential work in a field of
specialisation and who have achieved
outstanding distinction internationally
in that field.
Professor Sally-Ann Cryan, Research
Convenor and Associate Professor
of Pharmaceutics, RCSI School of
Pharmacy, and Jonathon Morrissey, a
graduate of RCSI School of Pharmacy,
were among those honoured at the
10th annual Helix Health Pharmacist
Awards. Professor Cryan received
the Professional Excellence Award,
sponsored by KrKa, for her work in
RCSI in pharmacy education and her
contribution to drug delivery research.
Jonathon Morrissey won the Patient-
Nominated Award, sponsored by Teva,
for his work in community practice in
Marron's Pharmacy, Clane, Co Kildare.
Professor Fergal O'Brien (Anatomy) was
presented with the Anatomical Society
New Fellow of the Year Award at the
AGM in the University of Birmingham,
UK, by Professor Clive Lee, President of
the Anatomical Society.
Professor Dermot Kenny (RCSI MCT)
and Professor Elaine Kay (RCSI
Pathology), research team, won
Neuroscientists from
RCSI have made
a breakthrough in
understanding what
controls gene activity
in epilepsy.
Ms Zaitun Zakaria, neurosurgery trainee who was
announced as the winner of the Mr Kamal Sayed
Prize in Neurosurgery at RCSI Research Day 2015.
The Prize, which is generously supported by Dr
Yacoob Kadwa, RCSI Class of 1965, is a prestigious
award of RCSI and is run in conjunction with the Irish
Institute of Clinical Neuroscience.
In June 2015, Trinity College Dublin and RCSI launched a consortium partnership to enhance output in technology and knowledge transfer through research collab-
orations. Pictured (l-r) is Diarmuid O'Brien, Director of Trinity Research and Innovation, TCD; Aoife Gallagher, Head of Innovation, RCSI; Gordon Elliott, Technology
Transfer Case Manager, TCD and RCSI; Margaret Woods, Technology Transfer Manager, TCD; and Professor Ray Stallings, Director of Research, RCSI.