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became one of the first training centres
in Europe to be awarded accreditation by
the Network of Accredited Clinical Skills
Centres of Europe (NASCE) in February
After a rigorous accreditation process,
the NSTC received full, unconditional,
multi-specialty accreditation for four
years, in what is a notable coup for
RCSI. The assessor complimented the
continuous renewal ethos within the
NSTC and identified particular strengths
of the centre including: use of technology
to support learning; the high output of
quality research/publications related to
skills acquisition; and a well-developed
human factors curriculum.
Faculty of Postgraduate Surgical
June 2015 saw the launch of the Faculty
of Postgraduate Surgical Educators,
which will work to maximise the quality of
postgraduate surgical education in RCSI
and to define future learning content as
we prepare for the training opportunities
presented by our new academic building.
The Faculty also aims to ensure that
excellence in surgical training equates to
excellence and safety in patient care.
The Faculty of Postgraduate Surgical
Educators will encourage new initiatives
and new ideas in terms of how we can
deliver excellence in surgical training.
Initially, the Faculty will comprise 18
members, who will be involved in
teaching, assessments and curriculum
development across surgical training in
In our Emergency Medicine Programme,
we congratulate the appointment of
Mr Gareth Quin as Dean to lead the
development of this large training
As a postgraduate training body
accredited by the Medical Council, RCSI
participates in a cycle of accreditation
by the Council of all its surgical specialty
training programmes individually. An
accreditation review of the Trauma
and Orthopaedic Surgery training was
completed this year as well as that of
the new Vascular Surgery specialty. We
would like to acknowledge the positive
and constructive engagement of the Irish
Medical Council in this process.
The publication of the Irish Medical
Council's first national trainee experience
survey, Your Training Counts, is an
important development in the process
of continuously improving the quality of
both postgraduate and undergraduate
medical training in Ireland. This important
and comprehensive survey of the trainee
experience at both intern and specialty
level provides valuable insights into
the experiences of our trainee doctors
across the specialties in both hospital
and general practice. The College and
the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical
Trainee Bodies are committed to a
careful assessment of the issues raised
in this report and delivery of considered
responses that will address them
Medical training and career structures
The College welcomes the publication of
three reports by the Working Group on
Medical Training and Career Structures,
chaired by Professor Brian MacCraith,
President of DCU, addressing a range
of issues relating to the training and
recruitment of doctors in the Irish public
health system. The Working Group, which
was supported by the Forum of Irish
Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies,
completed its work at the end of June
2014 and made valuable and insightful
recommendations, relating not only to
the training structures supporting junior
doctors, but also to the employment
and retention challenges at both junior
doctor and consultant levels. The
Department of Health has established
an Implementation Monitoring Group,
comprising key stakeholders to monitor
implementation of recommendations.
RCSI and Surgical Affairs prioritises the
enhancement of surgical practice to
optimise patient care as a core value,
its primary objective being to help
surgeons achieve the highest standards
of professionalism in an ever-evolving and
high pressure environment. Under the
stewardship of Professor Sean Tierney,
Dean of Professional Development and
Practice, Surgical Affairs engages with,
and supports our Fellows and Members,
as well as service and regulatory stake-
holders, to enhance patient care.
National Clinical Programmes in Surgery
(NCPS) Surgery Programme
The National Surgery Programme, led
jointly by Professor Frank Keane and Mr
Ken Mealy, is a joint initiative between
the Clinical Strategy and Programmes
Division of the HSE and RCSI. The
Surgeons try out SurgiQuiz, a Surgery and Anatomy
quiz game developed by RCSI, at its launch during
the RCSI Millin Meeting 2014.
Professor Carol-Anne Moulton, University Health Network/University of Toronto (centre) who gave the Johnson
& Johnson lecture, entitled "The Vulnerability of the Surgeon in Shining Armour" at the RCSI Charter Day
meeting, pictured with Professor John Hyland, Vice President, RCSI and Mr Declan J. Magee, RCSI President.