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Studies postgraduate programme will
commence in January 2016. As part of a
two-year pilot Physician Associate (PA)
project in collaboration with the General
Surgery Directorate Beaumont Hospital,
four PAs from the US and Canada have
been recruited to act as mentors and
tutors for students on the PA education
programme at RCSI. Dr Pauline Joyce
is the Academic Coordinator for the
Postgraduate Diploma in Physician
Associate Studies and Professor David
Kuhns, Associate Professor, has been
recruited to develop the PA programme
and profession in Ireland.
Student Mentor Network
The RCSI Student Mentor Network
was established as a professional
development tool to enable final year/
senior students to engage online with
Alumni. The value of the network as a
key differentiating tool for our students
has been underlined by its growth since
inception and 890 Alumni have now
signed up to support current students
through the programme.
New Academic Education Building
RCSI awarded the main construction
contract for the development of a new
state-of-the-art academic education
building on York Street, to Bennett
(Construction) Ltd in October 2014. RCSI
will invest in the region of
80 million in
the development of the 120,000 sq. ft
facility. It is anticipated that construction
will be completed by late 2016. The
NAEB will be student-centred and will
promote the development of the RCSI
community at the heart of the city.
The building will provide students with
the opportunity to study in a modern,
inspiring and ambitious medical sciences
and surgical training facility and will
further strengthen our reputation locally
and internationally.
Increase in CAO first preferences
2015 saw a 23% rise in CAO first
preferences for RCSI, driven by the
College's first strategic advertising
campaign and a strategic communications
campaign, "Developing Healthcare
Leaders of the Future", which received
a national award at the Awards for
Excellence in Public Relations 2015. This is
another first for RCSI as we were the first
third level institution to win such an award.
Times Higher Education World Rankings
In the context of international reputation,
rankings of higher education institutions
are increasingly important and the
announcement in January 2015 of
the College's positioning in the top
50 institutions globally in terms of
International Outlook in the Times Higher
Education University World Rankings was
a significant accolade.
In addition, late last year, RCSI was, for
the first time, categorised by the Times
Higher Education World University
Rankings as being in the first 400
institutions in the world in 2014-15.
Inclusion in both sets of rankings provides
an encouraging signal that the College
is making significant progress with its
Growth and Excellence strategy.
RCSI Hospitals
RCSI welcomed a number of key
appointments to the RCSI Hospitals
Executive Team over the past year. In
line with RCSI's strategy to build strong,
strategic partnerships with our clinical
partners, the College welcomes the
The building will
provide students
with the opportunity
to study in a
modern, inspiring
and ambitious
medical sciences
and surgical training
Pictured at the announcement of the award of the main construction contract for the new state-of-the-art
academic and education building on York Street, to Bennett (Construction) Ltd. are (l-r) Mr Declan J. Magee,
President, RCSI; Mr Paul Bruton Bennett (Construction) Ltd; Donall King, Head of Legal Affairs, RCSI;