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GOVERNANCE - Chief Executive's Review
In the past 12 months, the College
has had a phenomenal year of `firsts',
encompassing significant strategic
developments, organisational
innovation and unprecedented
achievement, which as Chief Executive,
I am pleased to share with you in the
RCSI Annual Report for 2014-2015.
In alignment with the goals and
objectives set out in our strategic
plan, Growth and Excellence, RCSI,
as a health-focused institution
charting an independent course, has
embarked on a series of wide-ranging
initiatives, supported with substantial
investment, that will enable the College
to develop and expand our education
of undergraduate medicine, pharmacy
and physiotherapy students and
postgraduate research students across
the spectrum of translational health
research topics.
The strategically determined initiatives
outlined here, and throughout this
annual report, demonstrate the
clarity of focus, decisiveness in
implementation and determination
to succeed that drives our quest to
improve research, healthcare training
and, ultimately, patient outcomes,
nationally and internationally.
Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive/Registrar.
The College is
embarking on
ambitious plans to
invest in the
expansion of
educational and
research activities
over the next five
Strategic Academic Recruitment (StAR)
As part of RCSI's Growth and Excellence
strategy and our StAR Programme, the
College is embarking on ambitious plans
to invest in the expansion of educational
and research activities over the next
five years to provide impactful research,
excellence in education and international
leadership in medical education.
Supported by an investment of
StAR is intended to assist the accelerated
transfer of research discoveries to clinical
practice for the benefit of patients.
The first phase of this exciting project has
been initiated with the announcement
of 20 new academic posts of Research
Lecturers to complement and build
upon specific research strengths within
the College in the areas of advanced
biomaterials, stem cells and therapeutic
delivery; cancer; infection, immunity
and inflammation; population health and
health services; respiratory diseases;
neuroscience and psychiatric disorders;
cardiovascular disease; biostatistics,
bioinformatics and health economics; and
health professions education.
This is another major step on the way
to furthering our reputation through
facilitating our mission "to educate,
nurture and discover for the benefit of
human health".
Health Outcomes Research Centre
As part of RCSI's overall strategy and
commitment to educate and train
healthcare professionals and support
healthcare service delivery, we are
investing in the establishment of a new
Healthcare Outcomes Research Centre.
Dedicated to research, the Centre will
aim to deliver outputs that will have
a high impact on policy, practice and
knowledge, nationally and internationally,
in order to make a real difference to
patients and our healthcare system. The
first recruitment programme commenced
in May 2015.
Physician Associates
RCSI announced in June 2015 that it is
establishing the first Physician Associates
Studies programme in Ireland. Already
an established professional group in the
US and UK, the RCSI Physician Associates