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A central view of all professional
development opportunities for staff is
now available on the staff portal along
with an online enrolment facility.
An Employee Assistance Programme has
been established to provide additional
support to RCSI staff dealing with any
issues, personal or professional, affecting
their health and wellbeing at work.
Over 200,000 has been invested in staff
L&D in the year to June 2014.
In keeping with HR's primary support
function and its status as the default `go
to' part of the organisation for staff and
students alike, the physical deployment
of HR Offices at 121 St. Stephen's green,
has been reconfigured to facilitate
optimum accessibility.
International Mobility
A key challenge within the HR
environment is the alignment of
outstanding talent with exciting career
opportunities available across the global
network of RCSI campuses. The HR
Department is continually developing
and evolving its processes and systems
to enhance efficiencies in finding
optimum recruitment solutions and has
had particular success in the last 12
months. Key steps through Q1 and Q2,
2014 included:
meetings with Clinical Leads and Heads
of Departments;
the identification of innovative initiatives
to encourage take up of international
the exploration, through consultation
with staff, of potential to enhance
supports for international mobility;
identification of those who are interested
in working abroad; and,

study of leading peer institutions'
strategies to assist international mobility.
Senior Appointment
Enda Kyne was appointed Director of IT
and Technology Transformation, a role
in which he will lead the transformative
deployment of technology to drive an
organisational IT framework that is agile,
responsive and pivotal in facilitating the
College-wide implementation of growth
and Excellence, RCSI's Strategic Plan
Sports and Social
Members of RCSI Breakers, the running
group established to support staff
fitness goals, while helping participants
to get to know their colleagues better,
are preparing for the great Pink Run,
a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Ireland
taking place in August 2014. The
College provided funding for the running
programme and professional training
was provided by Spectrum Health.
The RCSI Sports & Social Club continues
to be highly active with a wide range
of activities including the staff Summer
BBQ which took place in July 2013 with
a packed attendance.
PEOPLE - Staff Development
Pictured are the winners of the 2013
Dean's Awards, which acknowledge
the diverse and essential contributions
of RCSI staff, (l-r) Deirdre Hyland,
Clinical Research Centre and Professor
Aidan Bradford, Physiology & Medical
Enda Kyne was appointed Director of
IT and Technology Transformation
Irish running champion Catherina
McKiernan (centre) sets the pace with
the RCSI Breakers running group
established to support staff fitness
goals and to train for the Breast
Cancer Ireland great Pink Run.