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New HR/Payroll System
The new Core system has been
implemented across the organisation
providing significant improvement in the
efficiencies of the HR process and HR
metrics. Through the self-service Core
Portal, employees are now enabled to
access a complete view of their personal
details online. In addition, the Portal
facilitates tracking of annual and other
types of leave online, an innovative
capability, not previously available.
Through implementation of the Core
system, the existing recruitment process
has been overhauled and transformed, and
is now administered end-to-end online,
making it possible for RCSI to track a range
of key recruitment metrics.
Development of HRS4R
There has been considerable progress
in the development of HRS4R through
a detailed gap Analysis and Action Plan
developed in Q1, 2014 in compliance with
EC guidelines and directed by a Steering
Committee consisting of staff from the
Research Office, Human Resources and
the Research Community. As part of the
HRS4R gap analysis (a rigorous study with
the objective of identifying policy gaps),
a systematic assessment of current RCSI
policies and practices in relation to the EC's
European Charter and Code principles for
Researchers was completed in Q4, 2013. A
fundamental element in the HRS4R Action
plan a comprehensive RCSI Statement
on Research Integrity was drafted in the
early part of 2014 and communicated in
Learning and Development initiatives
As part of an intensified focus on the
definition, design and implementation
of an employee-focused strategy that
realises the full potential of staff, a
new Learning and Development (L&D)
Programme has been implemented within
HR. The development of an L&D strategy
has gained added impetus with the
appointment of a dedicated L&D Manager,
Catriona Campbell.
Online video-based tutorials on a
wide variety of topics have been made
available to all staff and students via Almost 500 RCSI staff/
students now have accounts
and over 450 hours of training have been
A Professional Development Planning
process was rolled out across the
organisation in 2013. This process enables
staff, with their line managers, to identify
individual goals that will contribute to the
overall RCSI strategy. This process will
establish the development needs of
staff and, accordingly, L&D will be able
to put focused development solutions
in place. L&D has initiated and maintained
a process to access feedback from staff to
refine/improve the PDP process into 2014.
the rcsi human resources (hr) function is integral to college life with a reach
that extends to all staff academic, research and administration/support while
providing a vital interface with the student body. the period July 1, 2013 to June
30, 2014 has been one of intense activity for rcsi's hr department driven by a
commitment to investing in and developing people.
the last 12 months has seen the establishment of a comprehensive learning
and development programme across the college including the formulation of a
leadership development programme; significant developmental work on a human
resources strategy for researchers (hrs4r); the promotion of awareness, and
successful delivery, of multiple rcsi overseas opportunities; and the further
enhancement of hr's accessibility to students.
a comprehensive learning and development programme is now up and running
and is being improved and added to on an ongoing basis. we now have high
quality offerings in a number of core areas, including project management,
customer service and management development, each of which support the rcsi
strategy, and, in particular, the commitment to enhanced organisational capabilities.
Mr Barry Holmes
Director of Human Resources
a comprehensive
learning and
programme is now up
and running.