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Review Board is a collaborative group,
involving Perdana University, Perdana
University graduate School of Medicine
and PU-RCSI, which develops and
implements policies and procedures
governing the ethical conduct of research
at the university.
Professor Anthony Cunningham completes
his term as Foundation Dean in July 2014.
He will be succeeded by Professor David
Adams who, as RCSI Lead in Surgery,
participated in the establishment of the
PU-RCSI Clinical Programmes.
The past year has seen new appointments
amongst the senior management of
Penang Medical College (PMC). In October
2013, PMC announced its third President,
Professor Amir S Khir. Professor Khir
has been with PMC since 1999, having
held the position of the College's Dean
since 2004. A professor specialising in
general Medicine and Endocrinology, he
is also involved in research in the field of
endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.
Professor Kevin Nolan joined PMC in
February 2014 as the vice President
of the College. His previous position
as Foundation Head of the School of
Postgraduate Studies at RCSI in Dublin
is invaluable for the new postgraduate
programmes that are being launched at
the College.
With the arrival of Mr Michael Chua as
Chief Operating Officer in June 2014,
PMC has seen a flurry of activities, with
upgrading of facilities and working
systems. His vast experience includes
being CEO of medical centres and director
of marketing consultancies, which will be
instrumental in PMC's growth.
PMC has continued to expand its
collaboration with international parties. On
the 4th of December 2013, PMC received
a delegation from the Kuwaiti government.
Among the visitors representatives were
from the Ministry of Higher Education and
Ministry of Health. The positive feedback
from the delegates pointed to Kuwait
being keen on sending their students to
PMC in the future.
In March, PMC co-organised a three-day
symposium in remembrance of Penang-
born plague fighter Dr Wu Lien-Teh
(1879-1960). PMC held an international
symposium titled "global Health
Challenges -- Infectious Diseases in the
New Millennium". Close to 100 medical
practitioners from the northern region as
well as China attended the symposium. A
150kg bronze bust of Dr Wu was donated
by the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin
Medical University in China to Penang
Medical College to commemorate the
The Malaysian Cochrane Network, an
approved branch of the Australasian
Cochrane Centre, was officially launched
on 28th May 2014. The Network is based
at Penang Medical College and includes
several sites around Malaysia, namely
Melaka Manipal Medical College, Ministry
of Health, Universiti Malaya, and Universiti
Sains Malaysia. The Network is convened
by Professor Jacqueline Ho, PMC's Head
of Paediatrics and long-time Cochrane
New academic programmes launched
included the College's first postgraduate
programme, the Master of Science degree
in Health Research, in collaboration with
RCSI. Commencing on 28th June 2014,
this two year postgraduate degree is
aimed at medical, health and social science
graduates in Malaysia and adjoining
countries with an interest in health
PMC held its first annual Research &
Education Day on 20th June 2014. In
addition to presentations by students
and staff, a distinguished guest lecture
was delivered by Professor Hannah
Mcgee, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and
Health Sciences, RCSI who discussed
opportunities for bridge-building between
PMC and Dublin in research areas of
mutual interest.
A major development for student
recruitment was PMC's announcement
in January 2014 of its recognition of the
Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) as
an admission qualification. UEC is the
school-leaving examinations carried out at
Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary
Schools. This opened up a large segment
of the market for student recruitment for
In the past year, PMC has increased its
participation in public programmes and
marketing activities, enhancing its visibility
and the public's awareness of its medical
programme. More intensive efforts are
being made, with advertising campaigns
and rebranding exercise planned for the
next intake season. It has also started
streamlining its administrative processes
for increased efficiency and effectiveness.
RCSI Dubai goes from strength to
strength, providing the College with an
important campus in a rapidly developing
environment. Established by the RCSI
Institute of Leadership in 2005, RCSI Dubai
provides three MSc degrees in Dubai and
plans are in place to expand the offerings
to include programmes on Women in
Leadership and also a new MSc degree
in Executive Leadership. This year saw
RCSI Dubai relocate into the iconic Sheikh
New intake of students at Perdana University - RCSI School of Medicine pictured with academic
staff in September 2013