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Student facility investment
A US$700,000 investment in the
construction of a football pitch and a
revamp of existing sports facilities was
New appointments
Professor Seamus Cowman joined RCSI
Bahrain as Head of School of Nursing. The
first Professor and Head of Nursing in RCSI
Dublin in 1998, he has more than 30 years'
nursing experience as a clinical nurse,
nurse manager, educator and researcher.
Professor John Fennell joined RCSI
Bahrain as Professor and Chairman of
the Department of Medicine. From 1985,
John worked at St. Columcille's Hospital,
Dublin. In 1999, he was appointed general
Physician at St vincent's Hospital, Dublin.
Professor Joe McMenamin was appointed
vice President for Academic Affairs, RCSI
Bahrain. In March 2010, he joined the
university as Professor and Chairman of the
Department of Paediatrics becoming Head
of School of Medicine in 2012, a role he
Mr Stephen Harrison Mirfield was
appointed Chief Operating Officer, RCSI
Bahrain. Stephen has over 16 years'
experience in HR, technology, and finance,
including working with KPMg as Head of
Central Services in Saudi Arabia.
Professor Sameer Otoom was appointed
President, RCSI Bahrain. Professor Otoom
has been a central figure in establishing the
university, serving in the roles of Professor
of Clinical Pharmacology and Dean and
vice President of Academic Affairs.
Perdana University RCSI (PU-RCSI)
commenced its third academic year in
September 2013. Offering a five­year
undergraduate medical education
programme and training relevant to the
national needs in Malaysia, the curriculum
is designed to ensure that students
develop a balanced perspective of
domiciliary, community and hospital care,
and a sound knowledge of the principles of
the science and art of medicine.
Teaching and Learning
PU-RCSI student enrolment has progressed
steadily with 65 students enrolled for Class
2016, 67 for Class 2017 and 72 for Class
PU-RCSI students have distinguished
themselves during the Junior Cycle 1-3
and Intermediate Cycle 1 examinations in
both academic years, with an outstanding
performance in the 2012-2013 academic
year of 36 first class honours overall in
the Class of 2017 (out of a total of 70
students); and 16 first class honours overall
in the Class of 2016 (out of a total of 66
White Coat ceremony
Medals for academic excellence and
performance in assessments were awarded
to three Junior Cycle PU-RCSI students
at the PU-RCSI White Coat Ceremony in
February 2014. The programme featured a
number of inaugural lectures and keynote
addresses from distinguished speakers
including: Professor Dr Sabariah Abdul
Rahman, Consultant Pathologist, University
Teknologi Mara, Sungai Buloh and Dr
Christopher Lee, Director of Hospital
Sungai Buloh.
Clinical rotations
The PU-RCSI clinical rotations began
on January 20, 2014. The six-week
Medicine programme included rotations
in Internal Medicine, Medicine for the
Elderly, Neurology and general Surgery
in Hospital KL. The six-week Surgery
programme comprised rotations in
general Surgery in Hospital KL and Breast
& Endocrine Surgery and Orthopaedic
Surgery in Hospital Putrajaya. Six-week
Student-Selected Component rotations
were provided in the Perdana University
campus. The inaugural Intermediate Cycle
3 students achieved excellent end-of-
semester examination results ­ 64 out the
65 students were successful in the history-
taking OSCE.
Quality improvement
PU-RCSI is committed to continual
enhancement of its teaching and learning
programme for staff and students. A
Quality Assurance Committee, comprising
representatives of PU Management,
PU-RCSI Faculty and PU-RCSI's Student
Representatives, and two External
Members in active clinical practice was
established in 2012. This committee,
chaired by the Dean, coordinated the
visit of RCSI's Quality Enhancement Peer
Review group in December 2013. A
Quality Enhancement Plan was initiated
following this visit.
Irish Medical Council accreditation visit
The third Irish Medical Council
accreditation visit to Perdana University
took place on March 12 and 13, 2014. The
Team commended PU-RCSI on the obvious
progress made in the last year, especially in
implementing the recommendations made
by the Medical Council Team in February
2013. This was particularly evident in:
the number of staff appointments; the
development of the clinical teaching
programme and placements; and the
teaching and learning opportunities now
available at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. The
Team had very positive meetings with
all of the students. The Medical Council
will continue to monitor PU-RCSI and
a revisit may be scheduled for no later
than February 2016, subject to interim
monitoring and a possible re-inspection
before that date.
The designation of Perdana University
as a `Research Institute' and consequent
access to Ministry of Higher Education
(MOHE) research funding was a significant
advance for the University. The first MOHE
grant was awarded to a member of PU-
RCSI academic staff during the 2013-14
academic year.
Perdana University RCSI Faculty has
developed research links with other
Malaysian Universities including Universiti
Putra Malaysia and the Malaysian
Agricultural Research and Development
Institute. Perdana University Institutional
Professor Sameer Otoom
appointed President of
RCSI Bahrain