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Teaching and Learning Highlights
PDP (personal development planning)
completed for all staff.
At June 2014 conferring, more than
240 candidates graduated with degrees
and Masters. In all, 81 candidates from
15 different countries were conferred
with Degrees in Medicine. There were
135 degrees in Nursing and 26 Masters
graduates. Of the total number of
graduates, 186 were from Bahrain.
Medical Commencement Programme
revised and accredited by NUI.
Centre for Student Success established
to provide students with a wide range
of services, programmes and activities
to enhance academic performance,
engagement and personal and
professional development.
Affiliation with gHLO (global Health
Learning Opportunities) and gEMex
increased potential elective sites by over
A Career Symposium for School of
Medicine (SOM) students was held in
February 2014 with the participation of
international and local faculty.
A Skin Diseases symposium, organised
by SOM students, was held in April 2014.
An Academic Director of Careers was
Canadian federal authorities designated
RCSI Bahrain as an eligible institution for
student financial assistance purposes.
Medical graduates undertaking
internships in RCSI Bahrain achieved a
pass rate of 100% in the most recent
exam licensed by the National Health
Regulatory Authority in Bahrain.
The focus is on research areas relevant
to the region cardiovascular, diabetes,
oncology and blood disorders. In the
last year, the university had 26 research
publications in peer reviewed journals
seven of these included undergraduate
students as co-authors.
Several key research collaborations have
been established.
RCSI Bahrain, King Saud University,
Riyadh and Harvard University
established a major diabetes prevention
trial in the Middle East, the Saudi
Diabetes Prevention Trial. A $200,000
seed grant for this project from the
Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical
Research is the first external research
grant to RCSI Bahrain.
SBI Pharma, a Japanese company
producing the food supplement, 5
aminolevulinic acid, is working with King
Hamad University Hospital and RCSI
Bahrain under the direction of Professor
Martin Corbally in researching use of the
compound in photodynamic diagnosis,
photodynamic therapy and screening of
various cancers.
Protocols established for a research
fund in collaboration with Arabian gulf
Community Engagement and Service
A two-year pilot project, in collaboration
with the Bahrain Diabetes Society, has seen
more than 900 primary school students
educated on the role of healthy eating and
lifestyle in preventing Type II diabetes. Its
success has led to the announcement that
the project will continue from September
2015. In partnership with the Ministry
of Education, the university launched a
health awareness awards competition
for secondary schools and expanded its
international student placement reach
to include vietnam. Other collaborations
included participation by two staff and
five students in an Action Ireland project
in Lesotho and one staff member and two
students also travelled to carry out charity
work in vietnam.
the past year has seen rcsi bahrain further advance its
five-year strategic plan (2013-2017) based on the college's
noble purpose and the commitment to deliver higher
education in healthcare to the most rigorous international
standards. the university also supports the aim of the
higher Education council in bahrain, which envisions the
establishment of bahrain as an educational hub.
Teaching and Learning
A Student Academic and Regulatory Affairs office, respon-
sible for student registration, examination and academic
support, was set up. A Professional Development Unit was
also opened to assist staff reach their full potential and
develop collective excellence. Awards were introduced for
RCSI Bahrain medicine and nursing staff who teach students
during clinical placement.
graduates at the June 2014 RCSI Bahrain June conferring
pictured with incoming President of RCSI, Mr Declan Magee