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The primary focus of the IIOP during
its first year was to develop support
structures and systems to facilitate the
engagement in CPD by pharmacists.
A central resource in this regard is the
IIOP website which was
launched in March 2014. All pharmacists
registered with the PSI received login
details which will, over time, provide
them with access to an increasing range
of online learning resources and an
e-portfolio which will enable them to
document their CPD. Over the coming
years the Institute will also facilitate a
system of CPD portfolio review.
A key aspect of the Institute's work
is facilitating peer support within the
profession. A team of 36 peer-support
pharmacists were recruited and came
together in February for two days of
training. These pharmacists will help
engage their peers in the new CPD
system and will serve as a conduit of
communication between pharmacists
and the IIOP.
Between April and June, 29 pharmacist
information events were delivered
nationwide, providing information to
almost 1000 pharmacists on the new
CPD system and the role of the Institute
of Pharmacy. This work will be continued
through a further 30 information events
in the autumn of 2014.
Over the year a number of positions
were recruited to support the
administration of the Institute, with roles
being filled by a combination of RCSI
internal and external appointments. In
March, the newly appointed Executive
Director, Dr Catriona Bradley, delivered
an inaugural address in RCSI at a
reception hosted by the CEO of the
College. Dr Bradley outlined the
important role that the Institute had
to play in enabling the pharmacy
profession to meet the challenges of
the future. She also emphasised the
importance of collaboration, both within
the profession and with colleagues in
other healthcare professions, in the
pursuit of improved patient outcomes.
Pictured at the inaugural address `Leading Practice, Advancing
Standards' are (l-r) Professor Patrick Broe, President, RCSI; Dr
Catriona Bradley, Executive Director, IIOP; Mr Eoghan Hanly,
President, PSI; Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive/ Registrar,
RCSI; Professor Paul gallagher, Head of School of Pharmacy, RCSI.
EDUCATION, TEACHINg & LEARNINg - Irish Institute of Pharmacy
a key aspect of
the institute's work
is facilitating peer
support within
the profession.