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Irish athletics legend and former
world record holder, Senator Eamonn
Coghlan, opens the 10th Annual
Scientific Conference of the Faculty
of Sports and Exercise Medicine
Dr Keith Kennedy and Mr Declan O'Farrell
demonstrate how to respond to an injured
player at the SPoRTS Immediate Care Course
held in RCSI in November 2013
International activities
The Faculty of Sports & Exercise
Medicine is committed to the
enhancement of links with our peer
faculties and organisations abroad.
We continue to maintain close contact
with the Faculty of Sports & Exercise
Medicine (UK), the intercollegiate faculty
of the Royal College of Physicians
of London and the Royal College of
Surgeons of Edinburgh. The Faculty
is a committed affiliate of Fédération
Internationale de Medecine du Sport
and the European Federation of Sports
Medicine Associations (EFSMA).
Our research agenda is driven by our
Board Members, who publish in a range
of areas such as paediatric medicine,
anatomy and physiology.
Inaugural Spring Study Day
The FSEM Inaugural Spring Study
Day took place on April 29, 2014 in
RCSI. The strong line-up of speakers
on the day included Dr Peter Brukner
and Professor Karim Khan, two of
our Honorary Fellows. The other
distinguished speakers included our
Chairman, Dr Nicholas Mahony,
Dr Eanna Falvey and Dr Andrew
Nearly 200 delegates attended this
event, which was split into an afternoon
session for the undergraduates, and an
evening session dedicated to medical
practitioners, physiotherapists, athletic
trainers and other allied healthcare
professionals with an interest in Sports
and Exercise Medicine.
Journal Clubs
The Faculty has initiated a network
of Journal Clubs that will discuss the
literature and latest developments
in sports and exercise medicine. It
is intended that the Clubs will be
located around Ireland to help expand
knowledge and awareness of sports and
exercise medicine on a nationwide basis.
Clubs are already established in Dublin,
Cork and galway. The first Northern
Ireland Journal Club event has also been
Appointment of new Dean
Dr Padraig Sheeran has been appointed
Dean of the Faculty of Sports and
Exercise Medicine. Dr Sheeran is a
Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive
Care in Our Lady's Children's Hospital,
Crumlin, Dublin and a Board Member
of FSEM. He succeeds Dr Joseph
Cummiskey, who has successfully led
the development of the Faculty and
encouraged a broader awareness of
sports and exercise medicine-related
issues during his period as Dean.
Faculty Board
Dr Padraig Sheeran, Dean; Professor
W. Arthur Tanner, vice-Dean: Dr Suzi
Clarke, Honorary Secretary; Dr Martin
Daly, Honorary Treasurer; Professor
John Crowe, RCPI President ex officio;
Professor N. g. McElvaney, RCPI Council
Representative; Dr Diarmuid O'Shea,
RCPI Representative; Professor Patrick
Broe, RCSI President ex officio; Mr Frank
McManus, RCSI Council Representative;
Mr Paddy Kenny, RCSI Representative; Dr
Rod McLoughlin, Irish Institute of Sport
Representative; Lt Col. Tim Swan and
Professor Rod Jaques (Alternate), FSEM
(UK) Representatives; Board Members:
Dr Alan Byrne, Dr Joseph Cummiskey, Dr
Michael griffin, Dr Pat O'Neill, Dr Eanna
Falvey, Dr Nicholas Mahony, Professor
Michael g Molloy, Professor John Ryan,
and Dr Michael Webb.
the conference
focused on "Exercise
at the extremes of
age"and "head & neck
injuries in sports".
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