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Scientific Meetings
The Annual Scientific Meeting of the
Faculty of Radiologists was held in
RCSI from September 26 to September
28, 2013. There were parallel sessions
in Radiation Oncology and, as usual,
scientific sessions and a poster
exhibition formed an important part of
the meeting. The event was strongly
attended with over 300 delegates
present including diagnostic and
radiation oncologists, radiographers and
industry representatives.
The Irish MRI Meeting, with the central
theme of Cardiovascular MRI, was held
on January 25, 2014, in Carton House,
Co Kildare. With both radiographers
and physicists in attendance, session
topics included: MRI in ischaemic heart
disease; comprehensive assessment
of cardiomyopathy with MRI; cardiac
MRI in systemic diseases; interventional
cardiology in the management of
adult congenital heart disease; and
physiological stress MRI in congenital
heart disease.
A special one-day seminar, focused
on "The Doctor in Difficulty," was
held on March 28, 2014. This one-day
conference was designed to consider
the magnitude of the problem and
the complexity of the issues involved.
While only a small percentage of
individuals find themselves in difficulty,
the expert speakers emphasised the
importance of identifying those affected
as early as possible. This event was
exceptionally well-attended and took
place in the context of the development
of a cohesive, structured framework to
address the challenges presented by
doctors in difficulty.
The Combined Spring Meeting, which
focused on Oncological Imaging,
took place in the g Hotel, galway
on April 4-5, 2014. Sessions for
the event addressed topics such as
gastrointestinal Malignancy, Paediatric
Oncology, genitourinary Malingnancy,
Practice-based Learning and the
conjunction of Diagnostic Radiology
and Radiation Oncology.
Following the success of the
Neuroradiology seminars held in
Belfast in 2011 and 2012, the Faculty of
Radiologists in Dublin supported and
administered another event in 2014.
The Irish Society of Neuroradiology
Meeting took place on June 5 and 6,
2014, and was extremely successful,
drawing radiologists not only from
Ireland but also from the UK and
beyond. This 2014 Seminar marked the
inaugural meeting of the Irish Society
of Neuroradiologists. Topics addressed
included: Temporal Bone Imaging, Skull
Base imaging; Brain Tumour Imaging and
Imaging in Headache.
The Faculty's Scientific Meetings are
recognised for continuing medical
educational (CME) certification within
Ireland and with other radiology bodies
in Europe and North America and are
particularly beneficial in the acquisition
of CMEs.
Selection and feedback
Radiology continues to attract the
strongest calibre of candidates, with
doctors of the highest intellectual
capabilities applying for training SpR
posts. For that reason, the Faculty strives
to ensure that the selection process is
as fair, rigorous and effective as it can
be, by refining and enhancing existing
methodologies and developing fresh and
innovative approaches.
In the last 12 months, the Faculty has
introduced a more comprehensive range
of assessment metrics to further ensure
the optimum `fit' between the candidate
and the role. Utilising Objective
Structured Clinical Examinations
(OSCEs), the process focuses on three
key capabilities academia, decision-
making and visual acuity.
a busy year for the faculty of radiologists has included a series of successful
and well attended scientific meetings, further evolution in the trainee selection
process, and the fostering of resilient and productive relationships with
influential external organisations at home and abroad.
Dr Barry Kelly
Dean, Faculty of Radiologists